Unboxing 2 of the latest Clinique gift sets from Macy’s & Century 21.

Giving away one of the two sets. Enter the giveaway here

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Clinique Gift set Giveaway

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We played Bean Boozle! Do you love Jelly Beans? Have you ever tried this? I got my husband an my friend to play :)

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One roll of Washi tape, 2 ways to decorate your notebook.

I got my little spiral notebook for 99 cents from the drugstore and with a simple roll of washi tape, I made it my own. This is so easy and quick, you should try it.


Would you like the Aztec vibe? or…


…the classic chevron? Just line up your washi tape accordingly.


Depending on the surface of your notebooks, the washi tape might not be sticking too well, you can use some simply school glue or mod podge to glue down the first page of the notebook for a clean, finished look. If you want to learn how to make your own mod podge, I have a super easy video tutorial here.


Hope you like this quick and easy project! Show me what you make, I would love to see your choice of washi tapes.

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First time trying at home gel manicure

Check out Gellie Beans http://www.gelliebeans.com 
30% off sitewide discount code QBG30

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Another swatch from the Fall In love nail polish collection - Today’s feature: Naked Pink

More is of course coming! and if you haven’t watched the haul video, here it is! 

Happy Monday!

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Check this out! $25 is a pretty awesome deal! Already got mine and will probably do a haul video for y’all if you’d like! :) Happy Friday!

(If you can’t see the “add to cart” button, try a different browser. Not sure why this is happening but i had trouble with chrome at first, Safari worked)

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Let’s the swatches of the Fall In Love - Nyx nail polish set begins :-) First up - Army days (2 coats)

Hope you like it! 

More is of course coming! and if you haven’t watched the haul video, here it is! 

Happy Monday!

P/S: The give-away is still opened! Make sure you check it out!

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Haul & Give-away

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Captured! #photographed #MirrorMirrorOnTheWall

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Golden digits

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Bright fuchsia and purple polka dots manicure using Zoya Nail polish.

Watch the Zoya’s Black Box Nail Polishes haul here

Will you check out my vlog channel and make my day, please? :)

Products used:

Zoya’s Marley

Zoya’s Charisma

Out the door topcoat

Have a great weekend!

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