Revamp a simply stamped leopard print manicure

Video tutorial here

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I love the sound of the nib scratching the paper so I decided not to add any background music. Also, I wanted you to hear a little bit of my world…the sounds of sitting in a Brooklyn apartment by the train station practicing calligraphy one afternoon :)

Supplies used:

Rhodia gridded paper

FW Acrylic ink

Speedball Oblique Holder

Hunt 101 Nib

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Weekend mani, leopard print using Konad stamping plate m57. You like? :-) I haven’t done nail stamping for a while and I forgot how quick it is to get the whole manicure done! Totally made me wanna get back on the nail art wagon :-)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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#SallyHansen’s hard as nail extreme wear color in #PixelPerfect over #Brucii’s #BareEssentials. What do you think? 

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Vietnamese food galore for Lunar New Year!

Wishing you a year full of love, luck and prosperity!

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We’re all better…

Hunt 101 nib

Water down FW acrylic ink

Rhodia gridded paper

Speedball Oblique Holder

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Hey guys, 

I’m thinking about making more videos like this one for you. I find it soothing and relaxing to watch someone write calligraphy. Let me know if you like it and you can send me beautiful inspiring quotes to write. The writing will get fancier as I get better at it (fingers crossed)!

Hope you’ll tag along with my learning process. Please feel free to let me know where I can improve.


Rhodia gridded paper

FW Acrylic ink

Speedball Oblique Holder

Hunt 101 Nib

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I still have a lot to work on and I’m not really ready to write words yet :-) but I want to write this quote today! 

Rhodia gridded paper

Brause 511 nib

FW acrylic artist ink in black

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Practice makes perfect :-) or so I hope! 

Just got started with an online calligraphy class. I wanted to take this class for a while now but my Game of Thrones addiction might have pushed the decision forward. 

So far I have been tracing and doing the most basic steps to get used to the pen, the ink, the paper, etc… One thing I have learned is that calligraphy has nothing to do with hand writing. I have a decent hand writing normally but it hasn’t help and I’m told that people with sloppy hand writing can write beautiful calligraphy. So, I’ll have to wait and see… I’m hoping that I’ll soon be able to write more beautiful quotes and share them with you guys here :) Best case scenario, I’ll send you a hand written letter with the wax seal, carried by a raven…Deal? ;-)

Hope you’re having a beautiful day!

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Guys, just wanna share this deal with y’all :)

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I just got featured in the Zoya Nail Polish blog! Check me out over there, will ya? :)

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"Are these strawberry nails?" - my husband :)

Simple polka dots nails using Zoya polishes: “Natalie" & "Willow

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DIY Gold Polka Dotted wallet phone case using Nail Polish

In case you wanna get the supplies for this project:

White PU leather iphone cases similar to mine are here and here

The Gold Nail polish I used is here

Paper reinforcement rings are here

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