DIY painting & reupholstering our dinning room set

It was a 3 day-ish project and it was fun so I’m sharing:

The set BEFORE we started

I chose my Daddy in law as my partner in crime in this project and Hubbie was our photographer when my hands were dirty

Fun fact: I can’t seem to have my mouth close when I concentrate on something.

We primed and primed…

I never expected to have so many surfaces to cover. 

End of day one, waiting for the primer to dry completely, making a complete mess out of the dinning area

End of day 2, letting table and naked chairs dry after painting.

Day 3, the foam I ordered from Online Fabric Store came…with THIS message!!!

This was because they compressed the foam into a tiny little thing to ship and yah dah yah dah yah dah…

Guess what? I waited an hour, I saw that the thickness of the foam has become 1 inch as it should and I started the upholstering process. 24hrs? no can’t do…

I wanted to add some softness and high to the existing seat cushions. Here was how I did it:

Trace the shape, cut it out and layered it on top of the fabric (from Ikea)

I gently pulled the fabric and stapled at 4 opposite spots around the cushion just to make sure everything was in place. 

Then I worked my way around stapling all edges and making sure that the foam was pulled evenly.

Trimmed the excess fabric

That’s it

One chair done. I repeated the same process for the other 3.

The project is now complete!  

What do you think? Improved? Maybe you can humor me a little knowing that it’s a done deal? :-) Look at the before pic again!

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