Remember how I told you guys that the @wetnwildbeauty megalast nail polishes are 99 cents each this week? I went and grabbed a few more :-P

In these pictures, I tried out the colors and also tried stamping again. I got a few konad plates a few years ago but did not get into it. I’m picking it back up to see if that will change ;-) So, don’t mind the sporadic, random stamped images on my nails. I just wanted to maximize my nail real estate :-D

On my thumb was Wet n Wild ‘I Red a good book/ Ballon rouge’ _ I love this red. It wasn’t my first choice because it seemed too bright at first but now that I have it, really love it.

On my index finger was ‘On a trip/ En voyage’ _Purple is my favorite color, ‘nough said :-)

On my middle finger was ‘Disturbia/ Audace’ _ This is a deep, rich purple with shimmering effect. I think it’s very elegant!

On my ring finger was ‘I need a refresh-mint/ Menthe fraiche’ _ A must have for Spring!

Finally, on my pinky was Spoiled’s polish called ‘visually slimming’ _ I originally got this polish for stamping because the only true black color i have is my striper but I’m re thinking it after seeing it on my nail. I think it would be great if I add another glittery polish on top.

These polishes went on very easily and while I was skeptical about the new wide brushes they have, they don’t bother me at all :) I even think they make nail painting more fun! Anyways, did you get any new polish this week? Tell me! :-)

Happy weekend!

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