Bringing an old T shirt back to life!

My husband has this T-shirt.


It’s old, it’s comfortable and it’s one of my favorits. I love seeing him in it. It always makes me smile.  With our height difference, when we hug each other, the image/message on the shirt is always at my eye level and so it always reminds me…that “Life is good” :-)


I hate seeing that it was fading so I decided to get some help from a Sharpie. This one is for fabric and won’t fade with washing.

I had a great time going over the lines. I felt like a little child trying really hard to stay in the lines while coloring :) I didn’t want to alter the design, i only wanted to restore it. 


Well? what do you think? Not bad, right?


This is what the back looks like. oh yeah, and of course I placed a piece of cardboard underneath the front of the shirt to prevent it from bleeding to the back. But as you can see, not much bleeding at all. I love this Sharpie! We washed the shirt many times and it looks fine, no bleeding or smearing. Life is good :-)

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