Kicking bagged noodles up a notch :)

Ok so bagged noodles of all kind are not exactly the most nutritious type of food but I’m sure you all would agree with me that they taste good and that they always come to the rescue just the right time. For me, bagged noodles is the best thing in the middle of the night studying late, stomach making noise. However, just plain bagged noodles with hot water and those MSG soup base powder could be boring.

I usually kick my noodles up a notch using whatever I have in hands. Here is one of those times:

I cook the noodles in a small pot instead of pouring hot water into a bowl (add 1-2 teaspoon of vegetable oil would keep the noodles from sticking) then drain out the water.

Add the soup base powder onto the dry noodles and mix it up really well.

Add some hot sauce for an extra kick :-)

some fresh lemon juice

Here is that “kicking up a notch” step :-) I used my left over rotisserie chicken to add protein to my noodles. Other times I would add left over pork chops, or even some fried eggs would be perfect. The possibility is endless.

1-2 leaves of fresh herb, cilantro in this case make all the difference!

Trust me, try this out and you’ll be surprised what bagged noodles can do :-D if you have already tried to kick your bagged noodles up a notch, please share, I would love to see, or try some new methods myself!


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