Happy Birthday! (CPS-59)

Hey everyone,

Hope your weekend is great!

I’m sharing a card I made for a fellow medstudent! Happy Birthday Beatrice!

This card is really special and here is why:

      1) I used CPS-59. Check this out if you don’t know what this means :-)

      2) It’s the first time I get to use my Doctor Sticker set from EK Success. It’s been way too long :) Can’t find a better chance to use it…it’s a card for a medstudent, come on! :-)

      3) I discovered that Karft cardstock is the awesomest! Why? I already loved stamping directly on it using chalk ink (or any kind of ink). The image comes out clean and crisp. Today, I used distress ink on it and love it even more…can you see the perfect distressed blended look?

      4) All the texted paper you see on this card are from the Antiguan yellow pages :-P (I only used the advertisement pages) ::shhhh:: :-) but this especially means something to me and the person who receives this card because soon, we will leave Antigua and move on with out quest but this card, every time we look at this card, we will be reminded about that time in our lives when we were pursuing medicine in Antigua…hehehe :-)

     5) See the yellow flower? LOVE IT! made it for the first time and will make a whole bunch more for other projects.

     6) The Medallion in the middle definitely represents our altitude toward medicine, the chosen path. I know we’re not doctors yet but I called her “Dr. Beatrice Delponte” on that Medallion because…oh boy, when we get there…it will be one of the biggest awards …evaaa :-)

Anyways, enough yapping about the card! Hope you like it! You didn’t think I pulled out that much crap about this one card, did ya?

Enjoy your weekend!

(thinking about doing a tutorial on how to make this flower…super duper easy and fun to make, what do you think!?)

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