Ambient lighting

You probably already know that I love ambient lighting :-)

We had a few engagement shots under the ambient light of Union Squares

I used about a thousand candles at my wedding to create the warm, cozy and intimate feelings. Mind you, our wedding was in the middle of winter :-) And hey, I saved money by not having to hire people to do special lightings ;-) 

So, candles were everywhere:

At the place card table (those cards were handmade by the way)…

…at ceremony site

I made these unity candles too, check them out here

Can you see the candles on the rims of the ceiling?

I think it’s totally true that everyone looks good under ambient light :-)

At home, I also want to create that warm, cozy feelings with ambient lighting and it’s so easy, I just need to light a few candles. To give it some interests, I place my candles in a wine glass…

…a vintage teacup ( I got this teacup at the flea market, it’s so darling)

…and even an empty jar I kept… You can use these jars for so many things, check out other ways of using them here

If you have a party with a theme color, you can always add some ribbons around these containers to tie in the whole theme.

That’s all it takes. I love dining with friends and families at home in the candle light. When you use different interesting objects around the house for your candles, you automatically create depth for your table setting with the different heights you get from these containers. 

Hope you like ambient lighting as much as I do…

Psst: I’m invited to do some guest posts over at my friend’s Tumblr called Knotnotes. I’ll spill all my money saving DIY projects I did for my wedding. I’ll of course let you know when those posts are up but you can always head over there and check out all things wedding :-)

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