My very own 99 cent thread rack.

Hey guys, 

So, my grandma and father in law gave me tons of sewing supplies including these pretty, pretty vintage threads.

Aren’t they pretty?

Here is the problem: I don’t like keeping them in containers and having to go through them every time I need a color. I needed a thread rack. But…

I don’t wanna pay $17.99 on Amazon

or $23.99 at Target.

I paid $0.99 for a bunch of nails and this is what I did: I measured, marked, and pulled out my hammer to put some nails directly onto the side of my sewing nook. I put each nail 1.5 inch apart from each other and 2 inches in between the rows. And, of course they’re nailed in at an angle. 

Putting the threads on there as I go to make sure I put just enough nails, no more, no less.

and here is what I ended up with…

pretty eh? I like! :-)

What I like about this “thread rack” is that it doesn’t take any space at all. I have all my pretty threads out on display and at my finger tips without having to compromise the tiny space I have for the sewing nook.

By the way, I said I would give you guys updates on the nook…here is the left corner of it. I have my card making supplies on those shelves. When I want to paper craft, I can just put the sewing machine on the floor and free up some space on the table. Look at this post here to see the before.

Hope you like this cheap DIY idea and hope you’re having a great Tuesday! :)

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