Pillow talk

Hey guys, 

DIY home decorating is so fun and exciting! I love having little touches here and there that I made myself. As you know I’ve been making throw pillows for the couch and everywhere else I feel that one can cozy up with a pillow :-)

Besides these simple envelop pillow cases. I started kicking it up a knot by adding texture and interest to the pillows.

First up, starburst pillow :) This fabric already has all the fun and games going on but to add some very small touches of texture, I made some starburst designs. Just simply fold the lines (I chose to have them symmetrical), iron it down and use some pin to hold it in place…

Take it to the sewing machine to place a straight stitch down on the fold as close to the edge as possible. Look closely at the image below, the needle is down to show you how close it is to the edge of the fold. This is especially fun to do…I felt like a little kid again trying to color inside the line. But hey, if you don’t feel like being a pain in the neck perfectionist, sew a complete “wonkie” line and the design will come out just as interesting. Having fun is the whole point here :-) 

Here is the final product…I love it!

Next, I wanted a hippie pillow :-) Instead of making a new pillow case, i added the peace sign to the other plain envelope pillow I had made. Here I’ll show you have to add applique to a completed pillow…

I used a plate and a bowl to draw the circles and finished the rest with my ruler

Cut it out…

I placed my paper template on the wrong side of the pillow, aka, inside. On the outside, I pinned on a piece of fabric, aka, an old yellow tanktop :-P

The I sewed a zigzag stitch along the shape of my applique from the inside. I went really slow and making sure everything was in the right place. It would have been a lot easier if the pillow wasn’t complete and I only had a square piece of fabric to work with. I wouldn’t have to do the applique backward like this…

Then, I trimmed out the excess fabric after sewing. Again, an applique scissors would have been a dream but the key is to do everything nice and slow…enjoy the process.

Ta-da, not bad eh?

So this is the couch with the lovely pillows :-) 

Last but not least, my latest pillow, the cute, rustic, ruffly pillow that is now an accent to my bed. Watch the video on how I made it here

Hope you enjoyed our pillow talk. Until next time…

Have a great weekend!

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