From ugly to pretty :-)

Start: An old, ugly looking top.

But stripes are in these days, right? so I’ve gotta do something about it

1. Mark the shape of the new neckline. Cut the collar off leaving about 1 inch seam allowance. See my blue chalk line?

2. Snip little slits around the new neckline. This helps the curve of the new neckline look sharper

3. Fold and pin to create a hem and sew straight stitch. I put 2 lines 

4. Put in 4 darts- 2 in the front and 2 in the back

5. Pop the collar back on. I didn’t even bother to trim it. I placed it on as is. Does it look a little something like a sailor moon’s top? :-) 

6. Pair it with a black pencil skirt and pose :-)

I feel like I’d never get rid of any of my clothes anymore :-)

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