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Looks easy enough…must try soon! 

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Muh vanity, where I come to sit and feel like a little princess for a little while.

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DIY Hair towel inspired by the Turbie Twist

I have just discovered this product, the Turbie Twist at my local drug store. I loved the idea because up until recently , I always wrapped a big towel over my head after the shower. I would go on to do other things before taking the towel off and let my hair air-dry or the towel would fall off on it own, many times. My neck would get tired from the weight of the towel, blah blah blah…:-) This is different, it stays nicely and securely on my head and because the towel is small, my neck would never get tired. The Turbie Twist is $6.99 at my drug store. 

So, because I can’t get enough of it, I tried making more…:)

Here is the template I created.

I used an old towel for this project, it’s already been used and washed many times so it’s perfectly soft and very absorbant.

I folded the towel in half, lengthwise and traced the pattern on to the towel

Took it to the machine and sewed along the marked line. I used black thread here so you can see but matching thread would be nice :-) oh,… and don’t forget to insert an elastic into the indicated spot. I actually used one of my elastic hair bands. The one where you get like a million in a pack at the drug store.  

Then I trimmed the excess away

All that left was to turn it inside out and we’re done :-)

Here is now you use it!  

I think this would make great Christmas gift. Try it!

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