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Spring Flower Nail Design featuring Born Pretty Store Nail Art Pen 

Supplies used:

Nail art pen: http://bit.ly/1fhwezs

Wet n Wild Megalast - On a trip: http://amzn.to/1ljjVnE

Out the door topcoat: http://amzn.to/1hWKw5D

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Home decor using Duct Tapes

Hey guys, 

Im sharing with you a quick and simple project I did using black duct tape! Hope you like it!

The black duct tape that I used in this project can be found here

Check out many other projects I did using duct tape:

1/ DIY 12x12 paper containers from cardboard box

2/ DIY coasters from cardboard

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Ocean inspired manicure!

Hey guys, 

Don’t you think this manicure looks like where Nemo and his dad live? :)

Do you remember this "Under the sea" manicure I did a little while back? Turned out, the ocean inspires me quite a bit :)

Video tutorial for this blue water and coral look is here. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

If you’re interested in the stamping plate I used in this video, click here to check out the first impression video I did on it. You’ll see more designs on this plate. If you want to buy it, this is where I got mine. 

Also, I made a vlog channel, check it out and subscribe if you’d like. 

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Nail art using jump rings (jewelry making supplies), the video tutorial

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DIY upholstering wooden bar stools

Hey guys, 
We have these bar stools that are good looking but not too comfy. So I decided to cover the seat and the back rest with foamy cushions for extra comfort. Watch how I do it in a few easy steps. Hope this inspires you to alter your furniture to make them better!

Click here for my other upholstering project. I spruced up our dining tables and chairs! :)

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In this video, you’ll learn how to transfer freehand designs onto nails or making your own nail stickers. This technique is great for doing complicated nail designs using your non dominant hand so you can have beautiful designs on both hands without needing help. Hope you enjoy watching the video. 

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How to make a simple fabric wall decor

We need: Fabric, foam board, hot glue gun 

Measure and cut

Fold back and secure (I used sewing pins to hold the fabric in place before gluing)


How easy is it?

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