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DIY Julius Caesar Halloween Costume

Some how I started with Hubbie’s costume :-) and here, my friends was how it all went…

I attached 2 XL t-shirts together and tried to use as much of the length as possible

Then, I attached the the gold trim around the hems. You can see all the supplies here.

I moved on to using 1/4 of the curtain panel 

Add gold trim to both ends of the curtain panel as well

Create some pleats 2/3 of the length  

The final steps are: attaching the panel to one shoulder, put the rope around the waist :-)…and then…

Made my Hubbie try it on…

…when he’d much rather be…a Ninja :-P

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Halloween costumes

Hey guys, 

Happy weekend!

I wrote a post saying that I wanted to be Cleopatra for Halloween and some of you showed interest. I got some awesome encouragements and suggestions. Thank you!! :-). I also convinced my Hubbie to be Julius Caesar :-P

I used the following pics as my inspirations for my own costumes.

I found this old white beach cover up in my closet. I was about to cut the sleeves of some white t-shirt for the top part… 

…and this white knit top turned up :-)

For Hubbie’s costume, I used 2 extra large T shirts. These I also already have on hands.

I also searched my stash and found this fabric. My mother in law brought it to me at some point in the past. It’s some kind of upholstery fabric and it has some gold under tone. I would love for it to have more gold but I will make use of what I already have.  

I took Allie's advice and went to the Dollar Store and DII store to get a few things. I was actually disappointed as I couldn't find much, besides these:

- Some gold Christmas ribbon - 99 cents each

- Gold curtain tieback - $1.99

- 1 panel of curtain - $3.99

- More Christmas decorations :) - 99 cents each

Will show ya how things turn out next …

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