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DIY Nail art: Robin’s egg design

Saw this at the drug store - Sinfulcolors Professional Nail polish. The name of the color is Salvage 5130

Found this picture of the cute little blue Robin’s eggs. 

(This picture is from Catnip Studio Chronicles)

And you know I’m up for anything, anything at all that would bring a little Spring to NY. It was beautiful yesterday and it’s gloomy again today! Boooo. I’m sure this Robin’s egg nail design will help :-)

Let’s get started. 

This is what you need:

Step 1: Base coat

Step 2: Color (I used 2 coats)

Step 3: Gently pull the cotton swap to create this fuzzy tip

Step 4: Dip the cotton swap into colors and lightly tap it onto the nail to create marks on the egg & some awesome texture too 

Step 5: Top coat

You like?

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