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From ugly to pretty :-)

Start: An old, ugly looking top.

But stripes are in these days, right? so I’ve gotta do something about it

1. Mark the shape of the new neckline. Cut the collar off leaving about 1 inch seam allowance. See my blue chalk line?

2. Snip little slits around the new neckline. This helps the curve of the new neckline look sharper

3. Fold and pin to create a hem and sew straight stitch. I put 2 lines 

4. Put in 4 darts- 2 in the front and 2 in the back

5. Pop the collar back on. I didn’t even bother to trim it. I placed it on as is. Does it look a little something like a sailor moon’s top? :-) 

6. Pair it with a black pencil skirt and pose :-)

I feel like I’d never get rid of any of my clothes anymore :-)

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Mint green denim, from flare to skinny!

It’s been at least 7 years since I got this pair of mint green jeans. Found them when I was moving and wanted to wear them again. Mint green is back in this summer anyways but they looked…wrong some how. 

So I decided to turn them into a pair of skinny jeans using my favorit pair as template :)


What do u think? They look better this way, right?

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Pillow talk

Hey guys, 

DIY home decorating is so fun and exciting! I love having little touches here and there that I made myself. As you know I’ve been making throw pillows for the couch and everywhere else I feel that one can cozy up with a pillow :-)

Besides these simple envelop pillow cases. I started kicking it up a knot by adding texture and interest to the pillows.

First up, starburst pillow :) This fabric already has all the fun and games going on but to add some very small touches of texture, I made some starburst designs. Just simply fold the lines (I chose to have them symmetrical), iron it down and use some pin to hold it in place…

Take it to the sewing machine to place a straight stitch down on the fold as close to the edge as possible. Look closely at the image below, the needle is down to show you how close it is to the edge of the fold. This is especially fun to do…I felt like a little kid again trying to color inside the line. But hey, if you don’t feel like being a pain in the neck perfectionist, sew a complete “wonkie” line and the design will come out just as interesting. Having fun is the whole point here :-) 

Here is the final product…I love it!

Next, I wanted a hippie pillow :-) Instead of making a new pillow case, i added the peace sign to the other plain envelope pillow I had made. Here I’ll show you have to add applique to a completed pillow…

I used a plate and a bowl to draw the circles and finished the rest with my ruler

Cut it out…

I placed my paper template on the wrong side of the pillow, aka, inside. On the outside, I pinned on a piece of fabric, aka, an old yellow tanktop :-P

The I sewed a zigzag stitch along the shape of my applique from the inside. I went really slow and making sure everything was in the right place. It would have been a lot easier if the pillow wasn’t complete and I only had a square piece of fabric to work with. I wouldn’t have to do the applique backward like this…

Then, I trimmed out the excess fabric after sewing. Again, an applique scissors would have been a dream but the key is to do everything nice and slow…enjoy the process.

Ta-da, not bad eh?

So this is the couch with the lovely pillows :-) 

Last but not least, my latest pillow, the cute, rustic, ruffly pillow that is now an accent to my bed. Watch the video on how I made it here

Hope you enjoyed our pillow talk. Until next time…

Have a great weekend!

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Look what I just got!

What should I call her?

Hubbie is the awesomest!

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My very own 99 cent thread rack.

Hey guys, 

So, my grandma and father in law gave me tons of sewing supplies including these pretty, pretty vintage threads.

Aren’t they pretty?

Here is the problem: I don’t like keeping them in containers and having to go through them every time I need a color. I needed a thread rack. But…

I don’t wanna pay $17.99 on Amazon

or $23.99 at Target.

I paid $0.99 for a bunch of nails and this is what I did: I measured, marked, and pulled out my hammer to put some nails directly onto the side of my sewing nook. I put each nail 1.5 inch apart from each other and 2 inches in between the rows. And, of course they’re nailed in at an angle. 

Putting the threads on there as I go to make sure I put just enough nails, no more, no less.

and here is what I ended up with…

pretty eh? I like! :-)

What I like about this “thread rack” is that it doesn’t take any space at all. I have all my pretty threads out on display and at my finger tips without having to compromise the tiny space I have for the sewing nook.

By the way, I said I would give you guys updates on the nook…here is the left corner of it. I have my card making supplies on those shelves. When I want to paper craft, I can just put the sewing machine on the floor and free up some space on the table. Look at this post here to see the before.

Hope you like this cheap DIY idea and hope you’re having a great Tuesday! :)

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DIY Decorative Pillow

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First Prize Winner, baby!

My dearest followers, 

Thanks to your support, I won the BurdaStyle Fashion Challenge as one of the 4 First Prize winners! Yay! (Check out the result of the entire challenge here to see all the awesome projects listed). That means this is my prize (check out all prizes of the challenge here):

If you just joined in and have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about…uh…please go back a few posts!

I’m feeling great and as promised, there will be giveaways coming! Look out!

Thanks again!

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Made it to the Finalist!

Hey guys, 

Just wanna let you know i made it to the finallist! Thank YOU so much for voting!

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DIY Envelope Pillowcase

Hey guys, 

If you know how easy it is to sew some envelope pillowcases, you’ll want to make a tons…like me :) Let me show you!

I got this pillow at my local D2 store for $1.99 each. It’s surprisingly good! :-) I’m all about getting great stuff for less :)

First, we gotta make the pattern. According to my tiny shiny glittery measuring tape, my pillow form is 16x16. So I’m adding an inch to the fabric and make the front of the pillow 17x17

For the back, in order for the “envelope” to close properly, I added 6 inches. So that make the fabric for the back of the pillow measured 17x23

After cutting out the pattern for the back piece, fold it in half right down the middle and cut. 

The next step is pin and cut.

This is what I ended up with after cutting

To hem the edges of the “envelope” I folded the fabric in toward the wrong side about 1/4 of an in and fold again on itself so no raw edges showing.

I pressed it nicely using my teeny tiny iron. I love love love this iron. It heats up so quickly and the fact that it’s small, works to the advantage of jobs like this…I bet it would be awesome for quilters too!

Next, take your fabric to the machine and hem it using a basic straight stitch or a zigzag stitch. 

After hemming, put the front panel down, pretty side up.

The 2 back panels on top, pretty sides facing the front panel and sew around. 

The fabric that I’m using is thin and doesn’t hold its shape too well so I had to pin every inch or so to keep all my pieces in place. 

That’s it. Done. Ta-da! :-) It fits like a dream!

Here is what it looks like from the back. 

OK, now back to the part where I realized that the fabrics that I used…FRAY like crazy. So I decided to add this part to this blog post to show you how I “fixed” BOTH of my pillow cases.

Look closely at the edge of my second pillow case here. This is what it looks like after I sew around all 4 sides with the zigzag stitch… 

So, this is how I dealt with it. I took it back to my ironing board and basically did the same thing I would do hemming all 4 sides. Fold down a 1/4in and fold down again. No raw edges showing. 

I was just being extra careful and put a pin where the layers are a little thicker to remind myself to slow down while sewing. These fabrics are surprisingly thin though. 

Ok, so this is what the wrong side of the pillowcase looks like after I “hem” all the edges. It could practically be worn from this side :)

Anyways, this is what it looks like all done…

…and from the back

…and both pillows together on our white couch. This is basically my vision for the apartment. White furnitures and added colors from accented pieces like pillows, rugs, kitchen appliances…stuff that we can swap out easily and not get bored after a while. We’ll see how that works out for me :) 

Psst: Check out this awesome video tutorial of how to make envelope pillowcase by Vanessa of the Crafty Gemini. If you love sewing, you’ll love this lady. She’s really good with explaining/teaching and making things easy for her viewers! I obviously learned how to make these fun pilowcases from her…

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DIY oversized zipper clutch

Hello friends, 

Introducing my beloved traveling companion - the made in China suitcase. My mother got this suitcase for me right before I left to go to Antigua for Med school. I used it every time I came home, and left again. It’s always packed with my mom’s Vietnamese food :-). To be honest, maybe my Hubbie was a closer friend to this suitcase because he was flying back and ford to visit me every month and he always took this suitcase (he was never force to bring me food or anything, he just wanted to take this giant suitcase..ah hem) ;-). 

Now, you wanna hear the truth? We didn’t like it!

Why? It’s gigantic and it’s not very good :( The wheels broke after the first few trips. The zipper got stuck many times. And, it couldn’t hold its shape too well (alright, maybe because we stuffed too much Vietnamese food in there, but still…). We had so many memories of dragging this thing across the airports, getting so frustrated. It wouldn’t stand, it wouldn’t roll, it just wouldn’t be…a good suitcase. Not to mention the wheels, because of the heat, they melt into this goo that spread all over the floor :(

Anyways, we still held it near and dear to our hearts but we know it is time to say goodbye. I didn’t want to just throw it out. I wanted to salvage it. 

(Yes, that is red plastic bags that I made into a bow. That’s how I know it’s mine when it comes out of the conveyor bell at the airport). 

So this is what I did…

…and this is what I got. 

Using the materials I got and this tutorial, I drew my own pattern with my own measurement and got to work on my clutch

I used an old sweater that has shrunk way too much as my liner.

I also used some left over fabric from the sweater to make some 3D decorative flowers. I made a tutorial on how to make these flowers here. Check it out if you wanna see how I made them. The tutorial shows you how to make the flowers with ribbons, here I just cut my sweater/fabric into long strips.

I whipped out my hot glue gun to attach the flowers. 


What’s left is to rock my oversize zipper clutch that costs me na-da. My laptop fits in there too.

You like? :-)

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Will show you how to make this copy cat dress from a T-shirt and a lace curtain panel. Yes, curtain panel :)

Go HERE for the video tutorial

Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2011 collection.

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