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Will show you how to make this copy cat dress from a T-shirt and a lace curtain panel. Yes, curtain panel :)

Go HERE for the video tutorial

Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2011 collection.

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The first dress this season. Yay for warm weather!

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Jewelry making: How to make Polymer clay flower earrings

Hey guys, 

Last month, I participated in this giveaway, and won these beautiful flowers. Yes, Mariana is the talented lady who made it. How lucky was I?

The flowers I got can be found here and here. She sent them to me in such beautiful packaging. Look at them! Sooo cute!

So, I have been thinking about them and what I should use them for…Today, I sort of went crazy making all kind of stuff with them :) To start, I’m sharing with you the earrings first…

This is the glue I used.

I ordered these earring backings a while back so I don’t remember but they are extremely cheap.

Just a tiny drop if glue

15 seconds of pressure

and I got a new pair of earrings!

They look so fun and pretty! Perfect for Spring! Don’t you think?

I’m also making a few rings and a bracelet with these gorgeous flowers. I’ll share with you soon!

Happy Friday to you all!

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How to: T-shirt reconstruction inspired by Prada Spring 2011 Striped dress

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