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DIY thank you card

Hey guys, 

Happy Earth week!

I have a quick and simple DIY card to share with you. A while back, I placed an order on Fab.com and when my order arrived, they included a cute little thank you card. Here it is:

I decided to save it couldn’t throw it away and now that I needed a quick thank you card, I just put one together in a few minutes :-) Here is how:

I colored in the little heart with my red metallic gel pen to add some color.

Trimmed the card to fit in the front of a standard card (4.25 in x 5.5 in)

Rounded the corners using a corner chomper. 

Attached the card to my card base and added my personal touch using my own hand writing and…did you notice…a correction pen :-)

I added even more interest to the card using faux stitching line and a white gel pen.


That’s it. It really took me about 5 minutes. The card looks clean, simple and totally serves its purpose. I even used the enveloped it came in with. I feel great knowing that I just sent out a recycled card…during earth week. Yay!

What are you doing to celebrate Earth week? 

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One more week!

I’m thankful that there’s only one more week of school. One more week of Basic Sciences. One more week of Antigua…

One more week until Brooklyn. One more week till back to life in NY. One more week until friends and family…

One more week.

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I’m thankful for my Babushka

I got a call from my grandma in law the other day wishing me luck on my exams, asking me how I was and also making sure I ate :-D. Besides reading my every blog post, she always makes me feel so cared for and loved. I can’t wait to come home and eat her awesome food :-P

I wanna learn Russian. Any suggestion on what program I should use?

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I’m thankful for the Antiguan Carnival!

I have 2 exams on Wednesday and they’re worth 38% of the whole course. Right now, I’m thankful for the Antiguan Carnival. “What in the world?” you’d ask. But you see, The Antiguan Carnival is a big celebration for the locals here. So our school is closed for 2 days. That gives me 2 extra days to study. Boy, I don’t even want to think about what would happen if I don’t have these 2 days. Anyways…

Hope you enjoy the card. I love the little birdie. It makes me smile.

Have a great week everyone!

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Thank you!

I got an idea :)

I have a few thank you cards to share with you all so every time I share one with you, I’ll tell you a few things that I’m thankful for at the moment…whatever pops in my head :-). In return, you tell me what you’re thankful for as well. Deal?

Here goes…

I’m thankful for the fact that my quest of completing my MD degree is almost half way through. This means moving back to NY, living with hubby, being closer to family and old friends, getting used to NY all over again. I’m so excited!

I’m thankful for my med school friends. The people who laughed and cried with me through the ups and downs of the roller coaster ride called med school. We were destined to be at the same place at the same time to get through the same challenge together.

I’m thankful that I’ll get to see my husband in a few days.

I’m thankful for this delicious bowl of cereal and milk right in front of me right now :D

Your turn…

For this card, I felt like playing around with inchies, using different type of pattern papers from the same collection and arranging them again and again until they look right to me. I used foam tape to pop some of them off of the card to create some interest.

Disclaimer: This process helps calm me down so now I can go study again for my upcoming 7 exams left for this semester. Yay! Wish me luck!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Thank you cards!

Hey guys,

How is your weekend? Mine is super duper awesome! That’s because Hubbie is here!! I’m so happy he’s back…not for long but still better than nothing!

We went to a great restaurant for brunch today. You can check out the pics here

Below, I’m sharing with you 2 thank you cards. I think these are simple but making the clear statement. They could be great for giving to colleagues, bosses, professors, teachers,…

Hope you like the cards and hope your weekend is wonderful too!

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Airplane thank you card

Wanna say “thanks” from midair? This card is for you! :-)

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I appreciate you!

Kristina Werner just put up a new contest! This one is hard to resist because it gives me a lot of freedom on what I want to do with the card, as long as it’s one layer

Well, here is my card, I really enjoyed making it…come play with us.

I love stamping on kraft cardstock with chalk ink…do you!? I’m pretty sure everyone has done it at least once! I love how the image came out sharp yet soft.

I used:

- Sassafras’s Sitchery Stampset

- Sassafras Lass’s Sweet Serendipity stampset

- The little heart is from My sentiment exactly’s Friendship stampset

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Thank you, my precious!

Hey guys,

it’s late  but I just want to pop in here and share with you this card. Isn’t it fun? I challenge you to find the source of inspiration for it? :-P Anyways, trying to be funny at this time of the night all the sudden seems so hard.

Hope you like the card and wishing you all a good night!

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Happy Friday everyone!

Immuno exam today…bleh :-)

Here is a card I made for MoxieFab World’s Tuesday trigger. Can you tell why I’m excited about this? :-) Yes, it has PURPLE!

January King Cabbage is used as an inspiration here. I love the colors. Nature always has the best color combination on almost everything! I was born and grew up in Vietnam so I don’t think we had King Cabbage there. I remember being fascinated the first time I saw them and was wondering if they were edible :-) Sad thing was, I didn’t think of using them as color inspiration :-( but then again, I wasn’t into card making back then either…

Back ground:

Card stocks:



  • Flowers & leaves: from Anna Griffin’s Flora Collection stampset
  • The flowers were stamped with black Stazon Ink and colored using colored pencils and Gamsol…O.M.G. If you have never tried coloring using color pencils and Gamsol before, please try ASAP. It’s so awesome. I so wanted to film it so I can show you but no camera :-( I will do it as soon as I can. The colored flowers then cut out by hand, it took a little long but I actually enjoy the cutting process :-) Then, I covered them all with Ranger’s Glossy Accents then waited for them to dry. I love the shine on them.

These pictures are taken using my iphone so…yea… Hope you like it!

Have a great weekend!

P/S: If you noticed, I started adding a lot of links to the products that I use so you can check them out. A little more time required for this step but i hope it helps you!

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..and there’s someone I need to thank! :-) You know who you are!

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