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Rounding up some lovey-dovey crafty stuff I’ve made!

  1. Heart manicures using Washi tapes, video tutorial hereimage
  2. Deep Dark Heart Manicure, video tutorial here image
  3. Kissing Love birds manicure, video tutorial hereimage
  4. I have you in my heart card, video tutorial here image

  5. You and me card, video tutorial here image
  6. You make me smile card image
  7. Thinking of you card image
  8. Because you’re in my life card, video tutorial here image
  9. Lobster love card image

  10. Red roses card image
  11.  Anatomically correct card image
  12. I love you paper roseimage
  13. Happy Valentine’s Day my love card, video tutorial here image
  14. Turtles Love card, video tutorial hereimage
  15. Happy Valentine’s Day Monkey card, video tutorial here image
  16. My heart only beats for you card image
  17. The big heart sweater, video tutorial image

  18. Wood you be mine forever, video tutorial image

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Hey guys,
Im sharing with you some footages recorded while I was playing with some Washi tapes to create some nail designs for Valentines. I found that Washi tapes are perfect to use as mask/stencil for creating simple shapes on your nails. You’re guaranteed to get the perfect image every time. I hope this video inspires you to get your hands on some Washi tapes. 
If you don’t have Washi tapes, you can always use some painter tapes or clear tapes.
I made some quirky Valentine’s present for my husband last year, check it out hereI also have this DIY fashion project for Valentine’s day last year. Enjoy!

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Check out the video tutorial on how to use Washi tapes as stencil/masks to create some Valentine’s nail designs. 

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Hey guys, 

This is a the first of of Valentine’s day manicures for this year! I’m not sure how but we’re starting off with a simple but dark manicure instead of the usual cheerful pink hearts :-) We’ll get to the more traditional Valentine’s designs but I just followed my creative process. Hope you guys like the fresh and different take on this Valentine’s design. I think this could be quite sexy paired with a little black dress and red pump? Let me know what you think! Thanks so much for watching!

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Deep Dark Heart Manicure - Natalie’s Creations

Video tutorial here

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The hub @hakunin and I totally used Valentine’s day to pig out :) at Peter Luger, NY’s #1 steak house 

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'Wood' YOU be mine forever?

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This is what I gave my husband :-)

Happy Valentine’s day!

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Peace and love pink PJ, courtesy of V-day ;) and random sailor pedi…

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My super simple Lunar New Year manicure but you can totally use it for Valentine’s day too! 

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Still one of my favorit cards to make and very appropriate for Valentine’s day. And here is a tutorial on those flowers.

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The big heart sweater tutorial

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The big heart sweater

The inspirations:


Watch out for the DIY tutorial on this super easy project ;-)

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