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Hey guys,
Im sharing with you some footages recorded while I was playing with some Washi tapes to create some nail designs for Valentines. I found that Washi tapes are perfect to use as mask/stencil for creating simple shapes on your nails. You’re guaranteed to get the perfect image every time. I hope this video inspires you to get your hands on some Washi tapes. 
If you don’t have Washi tapes, you can always use some painter tapes or clear tapes.
I made some quirky Valentine’s present for my husband last year, check it out hereI also have this DIY fashion project for Valentine’s day last year. Enjoy!

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'Wood' YOU be mine forever?

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This is what I gave my husband :-)

Happy Valentine’s day!

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Still one of my favorit cards to make and very appropriate for Valentine’s day. And here is a tutorial on those flowers.

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The big heart sweater tutorial

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The big heart sweater

The inspirations:


Watch out for the DIY tutorial on this super easy project ;-)

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