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'Wood' YOU be mine forever?

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This is what I gave my husband :-)

Happy Valentine’s day!

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Happy Valentine’s day, my love!

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Happy Valentine’s day, Monkey!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s day everyone! I hope your day is full of love!

Here are some Valentine’s day cards I have made by requests. Some have stories behind them, some cute inside jokes between the lovers :-) I was holding on to these until today because of course I want the receivers of these cards to see them first!

Hope you like them!

As for me, I am having a wonderful, wonderful weekend…I will update you all with some awesome pics soon!

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You are so special to me

Sharing with you another Valentines inspired card! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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I have you in my heart

Hi everyone,

I’m back with a card. I’ll submit this card to the color challenge @ Embellish magazine. I’m also working on a video tutorial of how to make this card. Please check back for it. It’s my first card making tutorial so there’s still a lot to work on :-)

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