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We finally put our tree up. Yay! I usually put it up on Thanksgiving weekend. It’s kindda late this year but it’s still good! I wanted to wait for my busy hubbie to finally have time to join me. It was worth the wait! ;-)

Come watch my hubbie and I put it together. If you wanna see how i went solo and put the tree up myself last year, then go here

Feel free to share pics of your tree to spread the holiday spirit! :)

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DIY hand cut paper snowflakes/ paper doilies

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Putting our tree up a little early this year! Usually I’d wait until after Thanksgiving but I’m really excited about my first tree in our new apartment. Plus, I was away for the past few years, so no tree then :-) Hope you enjoy watching me put the whole thing together. 

The tree is from here

95% of the decorations on the tree is from Michael’s store.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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