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I’m thankful for my Babushka

I got a call from my grandma in law the other day wishing me luck on my exams, asking me how I was and also making sure I ate :-D. Besides reading my every blog post, she always makes me feel so cared for and loved. I can’t wait to come home and eat her awesome food :-P

I wanna learn Russian. Any suggestion on what program I should use?

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I love you Babushka!

Max’s grandma called and told me that she visits my blog everyday! :-) it’s super sweet of her so I decided to make this entry entirely hers by making her a card! Here it is!

Her favorite color is sky blue…so I hope this card has enough blue in it…plus, I want it to be a happy card, hence the embellishments!

These circle are punched out from the pattern paper in the background to use as embellishments. I added some diamond Stickle to give it the bling! Don’t they look super cute!?

I love you grandma!

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