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Hey guys, 

Are you doing anything special today? It’s 12/12/12! This kind of thing only happens once every 100 years. It forces me into thinking I should do something extraordinary today :-D Well, today is my husband’s birthday! It is a special day in itself so we’re celebrating regardless! You can wish him a Happy Birthday on twitter if you’d like. And while you’re there, you can check out weather he looks like the artwork above hehehe! His Printio team designed it for him as a BD gift and I think it’s very thoughtful of them!

I’d like to think that we should all be granted a wish (not just the birthday boy :-)) so don’t forget to have fun and wish for something great! I learned that the number 12 means “new beginning” so my wish for each and every single one of my wonderful followers is: from this day on, your everyday will always be filled with love and happiness! 

I’m sure you already know, but I just wanna remind you one more time that this giveaway will be closed at the end of today. I will announce the winners soon and of course get the prizes out to you guys ASAP! Thank you so much for entering!

Happy 12/12/12!

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Showing y’all how to measure and cut enough paper to wrap a beautiful present. Also, you can learn how to make that pretty recycle paper bow on top! check out the video tutorial here

In case you’re interested in wrapping the rainbow present which I did last year, go here

Hope you’ll be environmentally conscious and wrap your own presents this holiday season ;-) It’s super fun, I promise. Enjoy!

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Got these babies from @Sephora as BD gift and they’re pretty awesome! Love them!

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Here is that Birthday haul :-)

Have a great weekend!

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My BD make up look ;-) You like?
Seriously feel like doing a birthday haul. Would you wanna see?

My BD make up look ;-) You like?

Seriously feel like doing a birthday haul. Would you wanna see?

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The first get together in our new apartment…so warm, so cozy and so full of love!

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Happy Birthday to my love!

Made this card for my honnie on hid BD!!

I flew back home today but didn’t tell my family so I surprised them…again. So glad to be home! NY is cold but i never felt better!

Hope my honnie had a wonderful birthday! We’re celebrating it with our friends tmr. Can’t wait!

Oh btw, I’m home now so card making will have to be placed on hold. I will post a few cards that I haven’t shared with you yet but from now until after my wedding you will see more posts on random things than strictly scrapping and card making. Sorry about that! You’re more than welcome to follow me around as I put together odds and ends for the wedding!

Our wedding day is getting closer and closer, Dec 26! At some points, I get super excited thinking about it. Other times, I feel like I would feel so relieved after it’s all done. The stress of planning got to me I guess. Sometimes, I even wonder if I can pull off the wedding at all…or it’s gonna suck real bad? I guess you never know until it actually happens.

Tomorrow is tux hunting day! Will let you know how it goes. Then dinner with friends in the evening! Should be a long exhausting but fantastic day! Good night everyone! Oh, and hope you like the card!

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Time to reveal…

Hey guys,

Time to reveal what those ninja’s dart looking like thingies are:

Yup, Dean guessed it right :-) Of course they’re for cakes..bunch of cupcakes. Don’t they look super cute? well… they’re not exactly pastillages because they’re made out of paper so people will have to pick them out before eating but they’re still super cute, right? :)

Oh yea, I made the piece in the center too :)

The whole arrangement is for a friend whose BD is today…that’s why I waited so long to tell you…I hope she’s going to like it! :-)

I’ll let you know how it goes!

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Mom’s Birthday is coming…

I made this card and the envelope for my mom’s birthday coming up next week. Knowing that it takes a long long time to get a piece of anything from Antigua to NY, I won’t send it through the mail…I’ll bring it home for her when I’m home in Dec. I already arranged for her gift to get to her on the day of so a missing card wont be too bad!

Last year, we went to see Mama Mia together. It was my parents’ first time seeing a Broadway show so the experience was totally worth a birthday present :-) I miss that a lot! It kindda sucks being away and missing her BD but…I’ll make it up when i’m back…

Anyways, hope you like the card. Have a great day!

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