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Under the sea manicure tutorial

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Swatch of Brucii polish in “Heavenly Julia”

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Color blocking

Polishes used:

  1. Base coat:Sally Hansen Triple Strong Nail Fortifier
  2. 1 coat of Sinfulcolors Professional in ‘Unicorn’ #953
  3. 1 coat of wet n wild megalast in ’ Break the ice’ #202B
  4. 1 coat of Brucci nail hardener in ‘Kathy’s Baby Blues’ #448 (only on half of the nail coming at an angle)
  5. 1 coat of Brucci nail hardener in ‘Brown Bag-it’ #379 (on 1/3 of the nail coming at an opposite angle)  
  6. Using glitter striper from Art club to separate the colors, emphasizing the borders right in between the colors.  
  7. Top coat: Seche Vite dry fast top coat

Hope you like it!

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DIY Polka dots manicure while traveling

Hey guys, 

Just wanna quickly share with you this simple polka dots manicure i did while traveling. When I’m away, I only bring a 2 bottles of nail polishes with me, one neutral and one color. As you can see here, a nude pink color and emerald green. These colors go with most of outfits that i brought with me and they’re both from Brucci by the way. And when I feel like I want a playful manicure, I can combine them. This is one of those times. I didn’t even bring my dotting tool with me so I used the end of a Q-tip. You can use a toothpick, an old pen or the end of a bobby pin but I was looking for a bigger circular shape for this one. The bigger dots cover my nails quickly so I don’t have to spend too much time while traveling.

I started by placing a row of dots down the center of my nail (like how i did here- a more sophisticated polka dot design) and then space the rest of the dots accordingly. The Q-tip gives the dots a rather blotchy and water coloring look, which i like.

Hope you like it too! ;-)

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Twinkle twinkle little stars…

Polish used:

  1. Base coat:Sally Hansen Triple Strong Nail Fortifier
  2. One coat of Brucci’s ‘Bare Essentials’
  3. Wet n Wild’s ‘Kaleidoscope’ sponged to the nail tips
  4. Top coat: Seche Vite dry fast top coat
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Emerald and gold sponged tip manicure video tutorial

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Emerald and gold sponging manicure. I have another fun, easy and Springy manicure for ya. 

Polish used:

  1. Base coat: Sally Hansen Triple Strong Nail Fortifier
  2. Two coats of Brucci nail hardener in iCharlie
  3. Gold sponged nail tips was done using Sally Hansen Xtreme wear nail color in #485 Golden-I

Here is a relaxing video I recorded while creating this manicure. Enjoy!

Hope your weekend is wonderful!

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