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I had so much fun with this dirt cheap DIY project :)

I started using empty glass jars as candle holders a while back. You can read about it here. I recently got a 99 cent roll of jute. With my already own glittery hot glue gun, I covered the jars and gave them a whole new life. I love how they look with the candles lit inside!

I also made a toothbrush holder from a jar with this method. Check it out here

Hope you like it!

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Flea market finds

I really don’t intend to have this fea market fever every week but it’s so pretty outside today (first time this season I think) and I needed a walk.

Saw these 3 things and felt like I have to have them! They’re cheap and pretty, how could I resist?

This chest…is so pretty and it’s in perfect condition too! 

This tea cup…I don’t know why…I drink tea by the gallon so I would not be able to sit there be all lady like and sip tea out of this cutie but look at its gold rim. It’s from Germany and it’s as light as air!

Maybe i’ll pour some wax into the the cup and make it a candle and hang the plate on the kitchen wall as wall decor? hmmm 

Now these, these candle holders are oldies…

but look how pretty they are after I wash them…

I love its purple color when the light shines through. I think they would look really pretty with cream color candles.

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Organizing solution/ the DIY dish play along (part 2): Up-cycling jars

Hey guys,

As promised, this is the 2nd part of this inspiration.

Here is a normal tomato sauce jar.

Took off the label and I hate the way it looked. I was not gonna go run it under warm water and scrape it with a knife because I have done it before and it wasn’t fun. Even after doing that, the glue still lingered around. So, annoying! Do you have a good way to do it? Enlighten me please!

So, what i did was… I slapped a doily on it and tied a piece of ribbon around it. You can see here that it’s not a fix but it’s a solution :-)

My zippers are much happier in a jar than a plastic bag. So yay!

And the jar goes right into my newly made storage box with the rest of my sewing related items.

Here is another example. I just use it without even bothering to decorate it. By husband and I LOVE this jam by the way.

Can you tell I have just started to sew? I don’t even have that many bobbins :-(

Ok, one more, remember these beautiful twine spools sent to me by my good friend Charlene? Read about it here and see other awesome stuff she sent me.

I now have a place to store them. I even put her sticker on the jar.

There you go, there are so many things you can do with these beautiful glass jars. You paid for them, use them again instead of throwing them out.

You can pick and chose the ones with more interesting shapes and decorate them to make candles holders. Look at this beautiful project over at Design Sponge

You can turn them into pen holders, button jars, flower vases, or u can always make your own jam!

Cheers on having more ways to save the planet!

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