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DIY 12x12 paper containers from cardboard box

Hello everyone, 

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Today, I made use of post office cardboard boxes and patterned duct tape

Let’s get started!

You know these boxes are free, right?

I want to fit my 12x12 patterned papers so I’m gonna use the longer side of the box. It measures 14in.

Using a pen and ruler, I drew a line on both side of the box like this. If you make more than one box and plan on having them right next to each other then make sure the slopes of these lines are the same on all boxes.

Cut along your drawn lines using a craft knife and be very careful while cutting

Cut the top part off too…

see how my 12x12 paper pack fits just fine inside of it?

Now the fun part starts…

cover your box with duct tape


Here they are on the shelf of my crafting/sewing nook.

I’ll update you guys on the nook. I’m turning a closet into my crafting, sewing place. Here is a sneak peek

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Lobster Love :-)

Hi all,

Hope your weekend was great! Happy Monday!

I’m sharing a card made for a lovely couple! Lobsters are their thing :-)

I got to use my gamsol and colored pencils again, yay! Here, I’m giving you a peak on the process.

First i colored the whole thing with colored pencils, this is a fast process. Who cares about staying inside the lines? that’s why it’s fun!

Go over and blend everything using gamsol

here is my Gamsol…

…and my colored pencils

Here is my product :-)

Hope you like it!

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