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DIY Scarf hanger

With the move coming up, we went to Ikea 3 times already. We walked around, we bought stuff, we carried stuff, we got pissed off by the people there, we had to come back because what were bought were not in stock…But we kept coming back :-)

Now, this thing, the scarf hanger, I spotted it during one of my rounds in the store :-) and thought I could make one. The time that it takes to make one is worth much much more than the $8 price tag but I can’t help it… Im a DIY-er…I have to DIY :-D

These are the stuff I used: 

- A hanger

- My Stamping up’s Colluzle cutting system

- Can you guess? T-shirt! :-)

- Cardboard

The Colluzle couldn’t cut through the thickness of the cardboard…wah wah 

so used the help of a small kitchen knife. 

I see a ring for the scarf hanger i’m making and a coaster…yay

Keep cutting

Next, I arranged the circles together and the hanger on top

Then, I joined all the circles together using paper tape.

Time to wrap them! I used T-shirt cut out but you can use anything…ribbons, yarns, duck tape (they have the colorful ones and even animal prints, have you seen?)

Watch a TED talk, listen to some podcasts,…wrap the T-shirt scrap round and round

When done…

…attach the circles to the hanger…

…hang scarves


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Organizing solution/ the DIY dish play along: Up-cycling a cardboard box

Inspired by this episode of the DIY Dish. I made a box to store my sewing related stuff I have laying around. So, I’m showing you step by step how to do it.

So, start with a cardboard box. I used paper tape to reenforce the corners and the base to make sure it’s sturdy enough in case I abuse it with many things. You can see here that I tape all four covers of the box to make a bigger and taller box. More storage space for me :-)

I added some tape around the rim of the box to make sure the edge is nice and smooth. Here is how I do it:

Tape all around

cut the corners like this

fold down

Then, on 2 sides of the box, I marked 2 rectangles and cut it out so I can lift and carry my box.

I covered these holes with tape too just for comfort. This is how I do it.


Next up, the Subway map! Finally! I know I mentioned many times that I would love to use it on many of my projects before. Here it is now.

Using Rubber Cement to glue the map to the box.

Cut off the excess on each side.

I also use more tape on each coner to give the box more of a finish look. Open up the handles and we’re done!

Here are my sewing materials in their new home.

Project on recycling jars is coming up!

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