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DIY Milk Money Wallet _ recycle milk cartons

Saw this project and wanted to finish my milk carton real quick :)

They have step by step instruction and even a video. So I stole the template, printed it out…

cut and taped both sides together, then got to work

15 mins later…

I know it says 1 hour but the whole project really doesn’t take that long.

Now, just a few thoughts:

- The milk carton is not easy to cut…it’s thick! So be really patient and watch out for your scissors. Cut slowly. 

-Score all the score lines really really well before you fold otherwise you’ll crumble the carton instead of making nice creases

- Set your carton standing upside down to empty out all the liquid before cutting into it…[I gotta go change my shirt and wipe my table - ‘nough said]

Did you empty out your milk carton yet?

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Protecting my precious books :)

Hello friends,

It’s been a long while but I seriously can’t help it. I have been so busy with school, there isn’t much time for anything :-(

Today I want to share with you something cool. You can tell it’s tightly related to what I have been doing lately :-) BOOKSSSS

These are the the books I reach for everyday. I’m a tiny bit OCD so I hate bended corners, ink smears,…any kind of unnecessary damage to my books so I cover them. Growing up, going to school in Vietnam, we always had to cover all books and notebooks. It was mandatory. Yup, some serious stuff :-) Mainly because we were given calligraphy pens and carrying small ink containers with us to class in first grade. It might be hard for you to imagine but let’s just say it was a disaster before any of us learn how to write anything.

Anyway, back to the books. I started covering them with Karft paper with the intention of doing the same thing as I did here but after only 3 of my books were covered I ran out of paper :-(

My first thought was subway map :-) like here but I didn’t have any maps on hands. Staring right at me was a stack of newspapers…so BOOM!, the rest of my books were covered with the art section of the New York Times :)

How fun is this one as the cover of Behavioral Science?

Then I whipped out my calligraphy marker…

Look pretty good on the shelf, don’t they?

Hope you like my little coping mechanism with OCD :-P

Say what? You might get your hands covered in ink from the newspapers?

Oh well, maybe you can use it as proof that you studied ;-)

Until next time…

Psst…My best friend got me a sewing machine for my birthday!! How awesome is it?

My hubbie on the other hand, got me this baby

If you know me at all, I’m dying to make something using the sewing machine and sharing it with you using the new camera! :) be still my heart!

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Happy Valentine’s day, Monkey!

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