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DIY Gold Polka Dotted wallet phone case using Nail Polish

Hey guys, 

You already know that I don’t just use nail polishes for nail art only, right? I painted the bottom of my shoes with some red nail polish before, I painted my tape roller, and my sunglass case before and now, I’m using some gold nail polish to add some adorable little polka dots to my current PU leather phone case. I love that I’ve received so many compliments for it already! I hope you’ll like it and don’t forget to check out the tutorial too

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Nail art using jump rings (jewelry making supplies)

Have you ever used a non-nail art supply for nail art? :) I’m using some jewelry making supplies for this manicure. If you’d like to check out the video tutorial, click here

By the way, I just started a vlog channel on YouTube. Check it out if you’d like and it’d make my day if you subscribe! Thanks!

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Rounding up some lovey-dovey crafty stuff I’ve made!

  1. Heart manicures using Washi tapes, video tutorial hereimage
  2. Deep Dark Heart Manicure, video tutorial here image
  3. Kissing Love birds manicure, video tutorial hereimage
  4. I have you in my heart card, video tutorial here image

  5. You and me card, video tutorial here image
  6. You make me smile card image
  7. Thinking of you card image
  8. Because you’re in my life card, video tutorial here image
  9. Lobster love card image

  10. Red roses card image
  11.  Anatomically correct card image
  12. I love you paper roseimage
  13. Happy Valentine’s Day my love card, video tutorial here image
  14. Turtles Love card, video tutorial hereimage
  15. Happy Valentine’s Day Monkey card, video tutorial here image
  16. My heart only beats for you card image
  17. The big heart sweater, video tutorial image

  18. Wood you be mine forever, video tutorial image

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Hey, what ya doin’ in my coffee?

Went a little zebra crazy this morning with zebra mug and zebra coaster. If you wanna learn how to make those fun coasters out of duct tape, go here! And the zebra mug was from here. 

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We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year card. Tutorial here

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Remember when I told y’all I got some goodies from Fashion Art Projects? I know it’s been a while but here is a detail video of each product and what I plan on doing with them

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Decorating/Personalizing your little notebook

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Video tutorial here

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So after the manicure, I got all inspired to make some dainty gold rings to go with it. Don’t you think the manicure was just calling out for some pretty gold rings? :-) I have the tutorial for you if you’re interested ;-)

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Necklace Hanger tutorial

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DIY Metal capped ballet flats tutorial

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Check out this super awesome mini top hat tutorial from Corinne Leigh @corinneleigh of @Craftovision and @threadbanger

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Got a bag full of goodies from the nice folks at Fashion Art Projects. Can’t wait to make stuff.

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