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This just happened. Came out pretty awesome! Thanks to @MarthaStewart. Recipe here

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St. Patrick’s Day Bake Sale!

Hey everyone…

Sharing with you my cupcake baking process for a bake sale tomorrow. The sale is for our white coat event coming up this August! Yay, I’m so excited! 

Can you tell? It’s fudge marble cupcakes I’m making…yum!

Fluffing up in the oven

Fresh off the oven

Green icing on top…

Time for the fun paper stuff. Making cupcake decorative topping using stamped images, markers, Glossy Accent, 1” Circle punch, and toothpicks.

Ready to top the cakes

oh wait, a little signature ;-)

There they are…what ya think? :-)

Hey AUA people, bring your money, come out to support Med 3 White Coat Committee and enjoy the delicious bake goods! We all put time and love into it… so come show us some love too :-)

oh, and Happy St. Patrick’s day!

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Time to reveal…

Hey guys,

Time to reveal what those ninja’s dart looking like thingies are:

Yup, Dean guessed it right :-) Of course they’re for cakes..bunch of cupcakes. Don’t they look super cute? well… they’re not exactly pastillages because they’re made out of paper so people will have to pick them out before eating but they’re still super cute, right? :)

Oh yea, I made the piece in the center too :)

The whole arrangement is for a friend whose BD is today…that’s why I waited so long to tell you…I hope she’s going to like it! :-)

I’ll let you know how it goes!

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