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One roll of Washi tape, 2 ways to decorate your notebook.

I got my little spiral notebook for 99 cents from the drugstore and with a simple roll of washi tape, I made it my own. This is so easy and quick, you should try it.


Would you like the Aztec vibe? or…


…the classic chevron? Just line up your washi tape accordingly.


Depending on the surface of your notebooks, the washi tape might not be sticking too well, you can use some simply school glue or mod podge to glue down the first page of the notebook for a clean, finished look. If you want to learn how to make your own mod podge, I have a super easy video tutorial here.


Hope you like this quick and easy project! Show me what you make, I would love to see your choice of washi tapes.

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✂ DIY Boot Stuffers/Shapers

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Revamp a simply stamped leopard print manicure

Video tutorial here

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DIY Gold Polka Dotted wallet phone case using Nail Polish

In case you wanna get the supplies for this project:

White PU leather iphone cases similar to mine are here and here

The Gold Nail polish I used is here

Paper reinforcement rings are here

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DIY Gold Polka Dotted wallet phone case using Nail Polish

Hey guys, 

You already know that I don’t just use nail polishes for nail art only, right? I painted the bottom of my shoes with some red nail polish before, I painted my tape roller, and my sunglass case before and now, I’m using some gold nail polish to add some adorable little polka dots to my current PU leather phone case. I love that I’ve received so many compliments for it already! I hope you’ll like it and don’t forget to check out the tutorial too

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Home decor using Duct Tapes

Hey guys, 

Im sharing with you a quick and simple project I did using black duct tape! Hope you like it!

The black duct tape that I used in this project can be found here

Check out many other projects I did using duct tape:

1/ DIY 12x12 paper containers from cardboard box

2/ DIY coasters from cardboard

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Took my laundry Sharpie to this month Glam bag and made it all mine ;-)

Remember this post. I got this permanent fabric marker a while back, so far, i used it on this project and this afternoon, the white fabric from this month’s Glam bag reminded me that I can just whip out my Sharpie and get a little creative with it :-) As the result, I now have a place for all my nail stamping plates, stamper and scrapers. Hope you like it!

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Nail Art Foil Gold & Silver Decoration Set / DIY Gold flake top coat

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Another review and demonstration of product from Born Pretty Store. I reviewed the 12pcs Nail Art Foil Gold & Silver Decoration Set. Then, as a bonus, I showed you how to do a DIY gold leaf manicure. Check out the video here.

Don’t forget to use the code NHHW10 for a 10% off site wide. Sorry if it’s annoying but i keep reminding you guys to use the code because if the code is used often enough, Born Pretty Store will sponsor a giveaway for my viewers/subscribers. Just want you guys to take advantage of the opportunity!

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Jazzed up an old notebook with some Chevron patterned Washi Tape! Quick, easy and fun 5 minute DIY project :-)

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Just made my phone charger super cute by covering it with Washi Tape! 

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Hey guys,
Im sharing with you some footages recorded while I was playing with some Washi tapes to create some nail designs for Valentines. I found that Washi tapes are perfect to use as mask/stencil for creating simple shapes on your nails. You’re guaranteed to get the perfect image every time. I hope this video inspires you to get your hands on some Washi tapes. 
If you don’t have Washi tapes, you can always use some painter tapes or clear tapes.
I made some quirky Valentine’s present for my husband last year, check it out hereI also have this DIY fashion project for Valentine’s day last year. Enjoy!

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Check out the video tutorial on how to use Washi tapes as stencil/masks to create some Valentine’s nail designs. 

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