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Showing y’all how to measure and cut enough paper to wrap a beautiful present. Also, you can learn how to make that pretty recycle paper bow on top! check out the video tutorial here

In case you’re interested in wrapping the rainbow present which I did last year, go here

Hope you’ll be environmentally conscious and wrap your own presents this holiday season ;-) It’s super fun, I promise. Enjoy!

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Gift wrapping basics!

Hey guys, 
Just wanna do a gift wrapping basics video to give you some tips and tricks on how to get a beautifully wrapped present on a budget! If you like this, I will continue making videos on more complicated ways to decorate your gifts! Hope you’ll give it a try this holiday season!

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Personalized gift wrapping paper

It all started with a quite large item that I needed to wrap for a bridal shower… I refused to buy 386647123476 rolls of wrapping papers so I thought about personalizing a large piece of plain white paper to make it more meaningful. 

With a bunch of colored calligraphy pens, I started writing. My husband was watching me, he asked: “Are you sure of the spelling?” :-) Wouldn’t it be a disaster? of course I was sure!

Here is how it looked when finished

and here was me presenting my gift to be bride to be…

I used the same idea on a Christmas gift and it also turned out pretty cute!

Are you tired of all the gift wrapping ideas yet? :-)

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Gift wrapping using H&M shopping bag.

Do you hate spending tons on money on gift wrapping papers? I do. I actually stopped buying wrapping papers for a while now. I use kraft papers, newspapers, construction papers, and regular white papers for gift wrapping and I constantly looking for ways to creatively decorate the gifts. Check out some of my gift wrapping posts here, here and here.

This time, I’m recycling plastic shopping bags. I love the gold polka dots on this H&M bag.

…so I cut it up and use it as I normally would papers.

It’s a little sheer but you wouldn’t have this problem if your gift box underneath was solid. I don’t really mind that you can almost see the writing on the box.

I added some baker twine and a gift tag and we’re good to go. Check out how I got the gift tags in this post

Here is another gift wrapped with the other half of the bag. Some purple silk ribbon brighten it up a whole lot too! 

Save money on wrapping papers this season!

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Gift tags made from Trader Joe’s shopping bags

How festive are these recyclable shopping bags?  

I cut up these tags and they’re really fun but a little flimsy. So a way to fix it was to paste them on top of some catalog pages. I used Express’s holiday’s catalog. They have beautiful colors.

I love how they have fun colorful pattern in the back and I have a bunch of gift tags to use for practically nothing :)

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DIY rainbow gift wrap

1. Wrap the box in white

2. Pick out construction papers with colors of the rainbow

3. Cut 1/2 inch strips of paper, 2 for each color

4. Line up the colors to resemble the rainbow

5. Do the same to the second set of paper, placing the strips perpendicular to the first set. The the order of the color the same.

6. Start weaving. Over, under, over, under…

7. Pull all strips together tightly. Place a few pieces of clear tapes on top to secure them.

8. Place the white box on top. Wrap the strips of papers around to the back and connect them using small pieces of clear tapes.

9. Bring the second set of paper to the back as well and start weaving again. Use a toothpick to help if it’s getting a little difficult to pull the papers through. 


10. Secure each strip with tape

The finished gift from the back…

…and the front

I went an extra step and did a second layer of gift wrapping just to add some excitement to the gift opening session :)

I placed the small box into a larger box …

..and wrap the larger box in white again

Made a few rosettes with the left over construction papers.

Attached some ribbons on them and placed them on top of the box…

Here is now it looked.

No, that was it. I didn’t put this box into an even larger box.

Here is my grandpa opening the gift :-)

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