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Unboxing 2 of the latest Clinique gift sets from Macy’s & Century 21.

Giving away one of the two sets. Enter the giveaway here

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Haul & Give-away

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Hey guys, another #giveaway for my Instagram followers! This time, I’m giving away 4 beautiful @nyc_new_york_color polished:

1.Times Square Tangerine Creme
2. Broadway Burgundy Frost
3. Polyester Pink Creme
4. Purple Pizzazz Frost

Here is how to win this week giveaway:

1. Follow me on #Instagram
2. Like this image
3. Tag someone who would like this giveaway

Last week winner is @themisspw. Congrats! Please send me an email (nataliehua99@gmail.com) to let me know your mailing address and I’ll send your prize out to you shortly!

Good luck everyone and have a wonderful week!

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Ocean inspired manicure, perfect for Spring break! Video tutorial here

GIVEAWAY: This #giveaway is for my Instagram followers only :) Hii, thanks for following me! I’m giving away all the polishes that were used to create the Ocean inspired manicure you see here. Here is how to win: 1. Double tap to like this image and 2. Tell me what you like to see more on my Instagram. That’s it! Winner will be announced next Saturday (3/29/2014) and I plan on doing this every Saturday ;) good luck! 

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Hand painted flourish design 

The tutorial for this look just went live. Check it out here

Base color = holo polish from Born Pretty Store. I did a review and demo on it last week. Check out the review video here. Also, don’t miss the giveaway that’s still going on for another week!! Good luck!

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Stainless Steel Nail Manicure Set from Tmart GIVEAWAY!

Watch the review video and find out how to enter

Good luck!

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Review video of the Stainless Steel Nail Manicure Set from Tmart.com. Don’t miss out on the GIVEAWAY, make sure you watch until the end of the video ;-)

Product can be found here: 8pcs Stainless Steel Nail Clippers Manicure Set with Green Case

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A trip to Brasil? Count me in, please :)

The only piece of furniture we own from CB2 is this acrylic table that we got as soon as we moved in to our current apartment and we really adore it oh so much! 


I’m looking forward to getting a few more acrylic pieces from them. I think they’re so elegant and they’re great for small spaces because they’re practically invisible. Hence the name “peekaboo tables” :-)

Have you seen the new Novograts Brasil collection? You should, since they’re having a great giveaway going on right now. The prize is a trip to Brasil! I’ve never been! Have you? Super exciting, isn’t it? Go check it out HERE!

From the Novograts Brasil collection, I love the colorful, summery and tribal looking pillows. They scream tropical, and remind me of home in Vietnam! :)


How about these acrylic bookends? ahhh Love them!image

Anyways, I’m gonna stop enabling :-) Wishing you the best of luck! If you win, take me :-P

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Born Pretty Store Sponsored Giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hey guys, remember the discount code Born Pretty Store made specifically for my subscribers/followers? Some of you used it which is great! Because Born Pretty Store is sponsoring a giveaway specifically for you guys! I’m very excited! Go watch the video here and enter using the widget above.

Best of luck! Thanks again for your support!

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Had to pick a new 6th winner!

Hey guys, 

Just a quick update on the giveaway. It’s been more than 24 hrs since I announced and sent emails to all my giveaway winners. I’ve heard back from 5 of you and not the 6th winner so I picked a new winner. I need to get the prizes out to everyone as soon as possible because it’s not fair to make people who promptly responded to me wait. All winners are listed here as usual. 

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Giveaway winners announced!

Hey guys,

Thank you so much for entering and supporting me! I’ve just picked the winners for my 1K Youtube subscriber giveaway! Please go here to see if you’re one of them!

Congrats if you won and please don’t be upset if you didn’t! I will have many more giveaways for you guys! Promise! I really wish I could make each and every single one of my subscriber/follower a winner!

I’ve already directly contacted the winners via email. If you’re a winner, please make sure to respond to my email with a mailing address within the next 24hours. If I don’t hear back from you, I’ll have to pick a new winner! 

Thanks again guys! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

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Final call, you have 1 day left to enter this giveaway! 6 winners! Go here to watch the giveaway video and go here to enter! Thanks! It’s been fun! :) Winners will be announced soon after the giveaway ends!

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Guys, this giveaway is still going on, check it out if you have not done so already!

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