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Home…and back again!

You might wonder why I’ve been so out lately. Well, for 2 weeks, we were having finals and all that “awesome” end of semester stuff so we basically didn’t have any life. “We” being me and my fellow med students. Then I went home for 3 days. I didn’t want to because I went home for 3 days once and it was exhausting but…i couldn’t resist coming home, seeing my friends and family, spending time with Hubbie and eating awesome food. So I left Antigua, right after my last exam on Tues. I did all that I wanted to do: Visited my grandparents and parents and families on both side, met with my friends, spent the whole awesome day with my amazing Mr. Chernyak, ate some great food (great here means all the food that I can’t find here in Antigua and have not eaten for a while, not necessarily means great for you in general :-P)…here they are

Organic crepe…ok this one is good for you, and good tasting too!

the awesomest grilled chicken salad from Max Brenner, you gotta try it sometime.

need I say more?

Those yummy looking things in the container are my grandmother’s delicious pastries filled with poppy seeds and nuts. You know why they’re in the container? they left grandma’s with me :)

Besides eating myself to food coma, I also goof around with my friends while shopping…

Spent quite some time in Union Square and one of the greatest thing about Union Square is the farmer market. Being there reminded me of how much I want to have my own DIY herb garden, a beautiful apartment filled with sunlight…ahhh I can’t wait..

I was flying up pretty high living my life in NY and then…boom…3 days were over, so I kissed my husband with tears at the departure area of Newark airport, boarded my flight, saying goodbye to NY from above

Soon enough, this view hits

I’m dead tired, class starts tmr…(yes, tmr, Sunday…it’s not a mistake). Over all, I think it was the right decision to flight home for 3 days.

I always get so inspired and motivated after I come back. Everyone loves me and support me so much there is no reason why I can’t give them my 100% effort. I am so thankful!!

Off to bed now…wishing everyone a great weekend!


I was so thrilled to see that each passenger has a mini TV in front of them the minute I boarded my Continental flight

BUT, in case you can’t read what’s on that screen…

booo :-(

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