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We got these adorable Dutch Design Chairs. They’re quite awesome! See me unbox and assemble them in a video here

Dutch design chair website

I bought them here

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Home decor using Duct Tapes

Hey guys, 

Im sharing with you a quick and simple project I did using black duct tape! Hope you like it!

The black duct tape that I used in this project can be found here

Check out many other projects I did using duct tape:

1/ DIY 12x12 paper containers from cardboard box

2/ DIY coasters from cardboard

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DIY upholstering wooden bar stools

Hey guys, 
We have these bar stools that are good looking but not too comfy. So I decided to cover the seat and the back rest with foamy cushions for extra comfort. Watch how I do it in a few easy steps. Hope this inspires you to alter your furniture to make them better!

Click here for my other upholstering project. I spruced up our dining tables and chairs! :)

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New year, new bedding! Can you tell I’m ready for Spring? This is the set I got. The price was a little better when I got it because it was the “week of wonderful” at Macy’s but considering that 1/3 of our lives are spent in bed, this is the kind of investment i’m willing to make. I love pretty and comfy beds! Please ignore the wrinkles for now :). The set was right out of its packaging. I fell in love with the water color design and of course the color palette. 

I put a picture of our old bedding there for your comparison.  Which one do you like better? It was from Kohls. I highly recommend it. We’ve had it for almost 2 years and still love it. Not that I’m gonna get rid of the old one or anything, we’ll just have something to switch when we send our laundry out instead of having the bare bed.

Btw, if you’re wondering about that square shaped decorative pillow sitting at the center of the bed, I made it out of some vintage linen. You can watch the video tutorial for that design here. It’s well loved over on Youtube!

Anyways, enough about the bed, what are you guys up to? 

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Wanna deck your halls like Buddy the Elf? Follow these easy step by step instructions on how to hand cut paper snowflakes. Happy paper crafting!

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We finally put our tree up. Yay! I usually put it up on Thanksgiving weekend. It’s kindda late this year but it’s still good! I wanted to wait for my busy hubbie to finally have time to join me. It was worth the wait! ;-)

Come watch my hubbie and I put it together. If you wanna see how i went solo and put the tree up myself last year, then go here

Feel free to share pics of your tree to spread the holiday spirit! :)

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Will show y’all how to hand cut these paper snow flakes this week. Are you in? :-)

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DIY “Drab to Fab” curtains

Hey guys,

Maybe I’m a little late on the fringe crush but the thing is…I saw so many inspirations for such a long time and wanted to make them all. Look at these:

Back in April, I saw this post from Love Maegan. I even quote her as the title of this post :-).

I got this awesome tassel trim here. I got 5 yards but after the project, I still have about a yard and a half left.

I just took off my curtains, pin the trim on…

Run them through my sewing machine using red thread on top and black on the bottom to match


One fringe related project down but there will be a bunch more to go.

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Putting our tree up a little early this year! Usually I’d wait until after Thanksgiving but I’m really excited about my first tree in our new apartment. Plus, I was away for the past few years, so no tree then :-) Hope you enjoy watching me put the whole thing together. 

The tree is from here

95% of the decorations on the tree is from Michael’s store.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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Bringing fall/winter into our home

Hey friends, 

The weather is definitely getting much cooler and we’re slowly bring fall/winter into our home. I said slowly because as much as I love the holiday season, I don’t do too well with the cold weather :-/ I have already added ankle boots, riding boots and a down feather jacket to my wardrobe to get ready for the winter in NY. I will share those items with you in another post. As for our home, Hubbie and I are getting into the cold weather mood…

We got the fire place going

We added little decorating details to some existing places in the apartment…

See how I made those candle holders here. Adding those cute little pinecones next to them automatically screams Autumn! Don’t you think?

Some dry foliage is also lovely

We found this beautiful wreath at Michaels, it was plain, so I got a branch of berries, broke it apart and added it to the wreath… 

…it’s sitting pretty right on top of our fire place

Our Christmas tree is on its way and we can’t wait to decorate it :)

Are you ready for the best time of the year?

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I had so much fun with this dirt cheap DIY project :)

I started using empty glass jars as candle holders a while back. You can read about it here. I recently got a 99 cent roll of jute. With my already own glittery hot glue gun, I covered the jars and gave them a whole new life. I love how they look with the candles lit inside!

I also made a toothbrush holder from a jar with this method. Check it out here

Hope you like it!

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I got this shoe organizer and cut it in half to fit the corner of my closet instead of hanging it on the back of the door. Worked out pretty well for the space that I have. Don’t you think so?

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My tiny little herb garden by the balcony door :-) love it so much!

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My beautiful Jasmine

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Some updated pics on the living room. We got a few new things to improve the coziness :) Do you like it? I put the last pic in there so you get a little bit of a before and after effect! I still want to do a lot more with it but we’re in no rush!

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