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Homemade grilled chicken pesto sandwich! Absolutely delicious!

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Grilled some chicken breasts to make the ultimate chicken salad and it was AWESOME! I seasoned the chicken with a tiny bit of salt and peppers, I wanted the actual flavor to shine through. I sprinkled on some dried cilantro too!  Added an egg for color and some extra protein. For the salad, I dressed it with 1 table spoon of extra virgin olive oil and 2 tea spoons of balsamic vinegar.  You should try this! This salad made the hub and I feel satisfying after a rough day at the gym and it definitely helped with the muscle building process! 

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Tell me I’m pretty :-D

Enjoying a homemade yogurt mask. Do you do homemade skin care like this? We should share recipes, deal?

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Tried making crab cakes for the first time and it turned out great! 

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How to make sauteed corn with scallion oil

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French tuna sandwich

Hey guys, 

Time to share with you another heathy, flavorful and fun to eat sandwich. Hubbie and I came across this at a French restaurant in PA. We loved it, I wanna make it at home yah dah yah dah yah dah :)

I made this for a family dinner as an appetizer and everyone loved it. Definitely a crowd pleasing type of food. Let’s jump right in to it!

1. Start off with a piece of multigrain toasted bread. You can use French baguette to keep with the theme if you want. I used what I always have on hands. We basically want something with a crunch to it. I spread a generous amount of hummus over it. I used the one with some roasted peppers but the most basic type would work.

2. Spread on top of the hummus some tuna fish chunks. I used tuna from a can and it was just delicious.

3. The next layer would be cannellini beans. Again, from a can, rinsed and drained. Can you already see that this is the type of thing that you can quickly put together as you guests entering your door steps? ;-)

4. To add some beautiful color and freshness to the sandwich, I add some diced tomatoes as the next layer. Be sure to add only the tomato’s “meat”, no seeds, no juice as they would make your sandwich soggy and we don’t want that.  

5. Top the whole thing off with a leaf or two of cilantro. You can also sprinkle some sea salt and freshly ground black pepper too.


Love this combination, flavor busting in every bite! Hope you’ll try this out!

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This breakfast was sooo awesome and easy and healthy and everything you need to feel awesome all day long!

Made this for myself and the hub the other day and we really enjoyed it!

  • 2 poached eggs
  • 2 slices of bacon
  • 1 piece of multigrain toast
  • saute spinach 

Sooo yummy and fulfilling you guys have to try it!

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Mix all the ingredients together and serve over ice. I used a shaker for this and it was perfect.
To make a non alcoholic version of this, substitute the rum for coconut water.
It does not get any easier than this and it was super delicious!
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This just happened. Came out pretty awesome! Thanks to @MarthaStewart. Recipe here

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Homemade breakfast hash browns. I had to because chef John from Foodwishes made me :-) Btw, they’re ridiculously delicious!

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Been wanting to try out this recipe for a while now and finally did. I top my potatoes with caramelized onions instead and it was delicious! Love how beautiful they looked.   

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Kicking bagged noodles up a notch :)

Ok so bagged noodles of all kind are not exactly the most nutritious type of food but I’m sure you all would agree with me that they taste good and that they always come to the rescue just the right time. For me, bagged noodles is the best thing in the middle of the night studying late, stomach making noise. However, just plain bagged noodles with hot water and those MSG soup base powder could be boring.

I usually kick my noodles up a notch using whatever I have in hands. Here is one of those times:

I cook the noodles in a small pot instead of pouring hot water into a bowl (add 1-2 teaspoon of vegetable oil would keep the noodles from sticking) then drain out the water.

Add the soup base powder onto the dry noodles and mix it up really well.

Add some hot sauce for an extra kick :-)

some fresh lemon juice

Here is that “kicking up a notch” step :-) I used my left over rotisserie chicken to add protein to my noodles. Other times I would add left over pork chops, or even some fried eggs would be perfect. The possibility is endless.

1-2 leaves of fresh herb, cilantro in this case make all the difference!

Trust me, try this out and you’ll be surprised what bagged noodles can do :-D if you have already tried to kick your bagged noodles up a notch, please share, I would love to see, or try some new methods myself!


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Fried onion egg sandwich for brunch! awesomeness :-)

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Satisfaction vs. guilt

It’s been a lazy day for sure! Not much studying was done :( but a lot of eating was done…

Good Friday is so not the excuse for not studying but for some reasons I felt hungry every half an hour and was in the mood for cooking different things: Vietnamese sausage omelet for breakfast, fish sauce fried chicken for lunch, chicken noodles for dinner and last but not least, red velvet cake for stuffing my face until it’s gone :-)

So yea, this is definitely a satisfaction…

..while guilt is that book laying there opened at the same page since this morning :-( Maybe it’s not too late to start now!

Goodnight everyone! Hope you all have a good Friday!

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