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Nail art using jump rings (jewelry making supplies), the video tutorial

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Nail art using jump rings (jewelry making supplies)

Have you ever used a non-nail art supply for nail art? :) I’m using some jewelry making supplies for this manicure. If you’d like to check out the video tutorial, click here

By the way, I just started a vlog channel on YouTube. Check it out if you’d like and it’d make my day if you subscribe! Thanks!

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DIY 3 styles of dainty gold rings. 

Here is the original post about these rings if you’re interested ;-)

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Jewelry making: How to make Polymer clay flower bracelet

I have one more project with these flowers…for now :) I still have some left to make more stuff with. Check out my earrings and rings that I made together with this bracelet.

Let’s see…how so I explain to you? I took some wire, double it up, and made a circle by wrapping it around a bottle. Then, bended it back and ford to make some loops. These loops will act like a surface for me to attach the flowers.

Next, I used some butcher’s twine to wrap around my wire structure for a softer look.

Attached the flowers using super glue. Notice the twine was still attaching…

…because I used it to add some glass beads for pop of colors and added interest.


I’m gonna rock this one with some summer dresses for sure! I love how it turned out, do you? So fun, so playful and cute!

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Jewelry making: How to make Polymer clay flower rings

Hey guys, 

To continue with my polymer clay flowers creations, i’m showing you how I made some rings today. Click here to see where I got these pretty flowers from

I used some wire to loop around my finger 3 times. Make sure the loop fits your finger nicely. Then coil both ends into circular rossette like this:  

We’re creating the base for the flower to attach to.

Super glue the flower of your choice to the base you just created.

…and done :-)

How easy was that?

Same thing here, except for this ring, I wrapped one of the ends around on one side. Play with it :)

NY weather is still so bad! Wearing flower on my finger makes me feel…Springy :( Hope you have a beautiful sunny day wherever you are!

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Jewelry making: How to make Polymer clay flower earrings

Hey guys, 

Last month, I participated in this giveaway, and won these beautiful flowers. Yes, Mariana is the talented lady who made it. How lucky was I?

The flowers I got can be found here and here. She sent them to me in such beautiful packaging. Look at them! Sooo cute!

So, I have been thinking about them and what I should use them for…Today, I sort of went crazy making all kind of stuff with them :) To start, I’m sharing with you the earrings first…

This is the glue I used.

I ordered these earring backings a while back so I don’t remember but they are extremely cheap.

Just a tiny drop if glue

15 seconds of pressure

and I got a new pair of earrings!

They look so fun and pretty! Perfect for Spring! Don’t you think?

I’m also making a few rings and a bracelet with these gorgeous flowers. I’ll share with you soon!

Happy Friday to you all!

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Jewelry making

Some of you may know I was an art minor in college. I took a bunch of jewelry making classes and my friends were sick of me walking around with all my tools like wires and jump-rings… :) I also took ceramics and spent every chance I got in the studio making all kind of fun stuff. When ceramics and jewelry making got together, I got my babies :-) some of the pieces you’ll see here. Good times.That was 4-5 years ago… I can’t even recall how I stopped but I some point, I did. Work, and medical school kicked in. I was moving…

Picked this box up from my parents’ over the weekend. It was under my bed in my old bedroom…

…and I made a total mess out of the living room.

I found so many creations that i seemed to forget. These are examples:

I collected these rocks on the shore of Psara Island in Greece when I was there for a undergrad research project. Just for fun, here it is:

anyway, I dragged these rocks home wrapped them with some wires. I think they would make great pendants for some exotic looking necklaces. Look how gorgeous this one is…

Also, here are some pictures of the stuff that I made:

Ceramics pendants

Copper bangles. These took ages to make. I was cutting, filing, drilling and threading…oh man…

Then entered the world of beads:

How fun are these cocktail rings?


fire works?

Feel free to give me fun names for these pieces.

So, here is the interesting part: I think I’m going to do a blog give-away soon. One or maybe more of you guys will get some of these creations if you’d like. So, if you’re interested, be on the look out for it. Then, I’ll put the rest on my Etsy store. What do you think?

Until then, happy Monday to you and hope you have a great week.

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