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Revamp a simply stamped leopard print manicure

Video tutorial here

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Weekend mani, leopard print using Konad stamping plate m57. You like? :-) I haven’t done nail stamping for a while and I forgot how quick it is to get the whole manicure done! Totally made me wanna get back on the nail art wagon :-)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Plaid nails anyone? :)

This was last week when I decided to cut my nails down really short because a few of them broke at the gym. I use baby weights at the gym but still, I wasn’t so careful! Boo!

Now, tell me if this is just me but I really think that certain nail designs look way better with the right nail length. For example, I tend to go for brighter, lighter nail colors when my nails are short. Nude colors are my favorit. They make my nails look so chic. When my nails grow longer, they inspire me to go with much more complicated and experimental designs or at least darker polish colors. 

Anyways, this was no exception, I painted my nails with a light, sheer pink coral color called Grapefruit Glimmer from Revlon. This polish has some really fine glitters which give off the perfect shimmering effect. Then, I stamped on some plaid designs using Konad plate m60 and Konad special stamping polish in white. I think this design looks lovely on short nails, what do you think?

Hope you like it!

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I gave my nails some sexy fishnet stocking to wear :)

Base color: Essie’s East Hampton Cottage

Stamping: Konad’s image plate m57 with Spoiled’s Visually Slimming

Glitter topcoat: Wetnwild’s Kaleidoscope 

If this manicure looks familiar to you, it’s because you’re an awesome follower of mine who’s been following my blog very closely ;) and because a similar design has been done here on this blog. If you’re a new follower and have not seen it, check it out here.

Thanks for stopping by! Hugs!

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Green floral stamping on top of NYC’s ‘Taxi yellow cream’

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Mint and fuchsia, don’t they make a gorgeous combination? I think the mint here is more tiffany blue but they look great together regardless! Hope you like it!

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Put a bow on it…

Polishes used:

  1. Base coat:Sally Hansen Triple Strong Nail Fortifier
  2. 2 coats of Sinfulcolors professional in ‘Rise and shine’ #940
  3. Stamp image from Konad plate # m56. The image is meant to be stamped at the tips of each nail but I used it a little but differently to create even more looks from each plate. If you’re into nail stamping, I hope this inspire you to “stretch” your image plates.   
  4. Silver glitter added to the center of each bow
  5. Top coat: Seche Vite dry fast top coat

Hope you have a great weekend.

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Spring is here! 

I love this bright blue color from @wetnwildbeauty’s megalast collection. It’s called ‘I need a refresh-mint’. It comes out to be very much like Tiffany blue. So i went with the girly feeling and put some black lace as the design. 

  1. Top and base coat: Sally Hansen Double Duty Strenthening Base & Top coat
  2. Konad stamping plate m57
  3. Stamping polish is from Spoiled called ‘visually slimming
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another green mani for y’all ;)

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All @wetnwildbeauty St. Patty’s day green manicure and the konad stamping plate m60

Polishes used:

  1. Top and base coat: Sally Hansen Double Duty Strenthening Base & Top coat
  2. wet n wild’s megalast in Break the ice - Absolutely gorgeous color! Love it!
  3. I stamped using wet n wild’s wild shine in Caribbean Frost - This color is metallic and it stamped just fine. I could be more opaque but I’m not complaining because it gives this design such a subtle feeling. This is great if you wear this to work and you don’t want your manicure to be too loud and distracting.  
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Remember how I told you guys that the @wetnwildbeauty megalast nail polishes are 99 cents each this week? I went and grabbed a few more :-P

In these pictures, I tried out the colors and also tried stamping again. I got a few konad plates a few years ago but did not get into it. I’m picking it back up to see if that will change ;-) So, don’t mind the sporadic, random stamped images on my nails. I just wanted to maximize my nail real estate :-D

On my thumb was Wet n Wild ‘I Red a good book/ Ballon rouge’ _ I love this red. It wasn’t my first choice because it seemed too bright at first but now that I have it, really love it.

On my index finger was ‘On a trip/ En voyage’ _Purple is my favorite color, ‘nough said :-)

On my middle finger was ‘Disturbia/ Audace’ _ This is a deep, rich purple with shimmering effect. I think it’s very elegant!

On my ring finger was ‘I need a refresh-mint/ Menthe fraiche’ _ A must have for Spring!

Finally, on my pinky was Spoiled’s polish called ‘visually slimming’ _ I originally got this polish for stamping because the only true black color i have is my striper but I’m re thinking it after seeing it on my nail. I think it would be great if I add another glittery polish on top.

These polishes went on very easily and while I was skeptical about the new wide brushes they have, they don’t bother me at all :) I even think they make nail painting more fun! Anyways, did you get any new polish this week? Tell me! :-)

Happy weekend!

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