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Rounding up some lovey-dovey crafty stuff I’ve made!

  1. Heart manicures using Washi tapes, video tutorial hereimage
  2. Deep Dark Heart Manicure, video tutorial here image
  3. Kissing Love birds manicure, video tutorial hereimage
  4. I have you in my heart card, video tutorial here image

  5. You and me card, video tutorial here image
  6. You make me smile card image
  7. Thinking of you card image
  8. Because you’re in my life card, video tutorial here image
  9. Lobster love card image

  10. Red roses card image
  11.  Anatomically correct card image
  12. I love you paper roseimage
  13. Happy Valentine’s Day my love card, video tutorial here image
  14. Turtles Love card, video tutorial hereimage
  15. Happy Valentine’s Day Monkey card, video tutorial here image
  16. My heart only beats for you card image
  17. The big heart sweater, video tutorial image

  18. Wood you be mine forever, video tutorial image

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Happy Valentine’s day, Monkey!

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Because you’re in my life…

I’m back for the 2nd time today because I can’t wait to show you this card.

I made this card for a friend who wants to send it to her fiance. “Absoeuphinic” is a word they made up together. It means “really really really happy”, isn’t it cute? Another something about the couple.

I don’t know if I have told you, but I really love making these cards that are requested. The person gave me some information that he/she wants to include in the card and I get to use it as my inspiration. How awesome is that? I feel extremely special because they let me into a part of their relationship. Whether it’s sister-sister, boyfriend-girlfriend, mother-son, mother-daughter, husband-wife, etc; they’re all very special and unique. I get to express those wonderful relationships through my creations. It’s a wonderful feeling when they tell me that they love my interpretation of the information!

Well, this is another one of those:

Quite a few products are used on this card. It’s flooded with embellishments. It’s full of cute, happy little things. I have a video for this so I will definitely have all the products listed out for you!

Well, hope you like it!

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