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New Year Metallic French manicure. Video tutorial here

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Hey guys, 
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. New year is next on the list. In this video, I’m showing you how to do a quick and easy New Year Metallic French manicure. Hope you’ll enjoy the instructions and give this look a try!
Happy New Year!

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Pastel metallics and nail tape!

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Home decor: DIY Gold Chevron Tray from Ikea’s Barbar Tray

You probably have seen this beautiful ceramic white and gold zag tray everywhere. I know I have. I first saw it here, on Design sponge. It was one of the holiday limited edition pieces from Susan of Up in the air somewhere. It was handmade, it was ceramics, the stripes were real gold leaves, it was beautiful, it was glamorous and it was $98. So you know me, if I can’t afford to buy, I DIY.

Here are the materials i used:

  1. White paint
  2. Gold paint
  3. Masking tape
  4. A tray (mine was the Ikea’s Barbar tray we already have)
  5. Patience

I have a video instruction here for you to come watch and hangout with me. Here are some before and after pictures. I also use the same concept on a metal planter. 

Started painting

One coat

All taped and sprayed

All done!

I’m saving these gold sprayed tape stripes by the way. 

Same went for the little planter. Painted in white…



Look how beautiful!

Here they are together…

Hope you enjoy and hope it inspire you to make something beautiful!

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Adding colors to your design.

Remember this nail design? It wears so well. I was surprised to see it lasted and lasted and still looking great. So, the other day I bought some new colored gel pens. I love these, they’re metallic too. I accidentally drew on my nail as I was writing with them and BAM…:-) Why not use them to color in the boxes on my nails. I had so much fun adding the colors to my nails. Once they dried I added a fresh new layer of top coat and voila, I have a new manicure for another week. If you look closely, you can already see that my nails have grown.

Love the pastel colors…so Springy! :-)   

Hope to add some colors to your Monday!

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