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Inspired by my growing herbs :) Minty and Springy! Base= no nam polish in mint green color. Top= Flaky green glitter polish from Sinfulcolors

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Mint, gold and fuchsia!

Going back to that time when I came up with this mint and fuchsia combination and thought it was so beautiful. I even had a video tutorial if you’d like to see. I “accidentally” came up this this design recently and it has those 2 gorgeous colors together. I did not have the look all planned out, but i love the way it turned out! Hope you’ll like it too!

Polishes used:

  1. Sally Hansen’s Golden-I
  2. Self sticking Ring Reinforcements
  3. Essie’s Mint Candy Apple
  4. Fuchsia Striper (no name, sorry!) Similar here!
  5. Seche Vite top coat
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The Enchanted Forest Manicure. Video tutorial here

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Mint and fuchsia, don’t they make a gorgeous combination? I think the mint here is more tiffany blue but they look great together regardless! Hope you like it!

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Ocean inspired minty blue manicure

Polish used:

  1. Base coat:Sally Hansen Triple Strong Nail Fortifier
  2. 2 coat of a no name polish in mint green
  3. 1 coat of Ying’s polish in ‘cream pearl’
  4. Gradient blue sponged on nail tips using Sinfulcolor Professional in ‘Rise and Shine’ and wet n wild in ‘Caribbean Frost’ 
  5. Top coat: Seche Vite dry fast top coat
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