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Jazzed up an old notebook with some Chevron patterned Washi Tape! Quick, easy and fun 5 minute DIY project :-)

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Decorating/Personalizing your little notebook

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Made a notebook for Hubbie!

Well, it’s more like decorating a notebook for Hubbie…I bought a notebook, didn’t really make one. But I want to show you the transformation anyway :-)

This is how the notebook originally look

Masking around the edge of the piece of paper that will eventually go on the cover

Used alpha stickers to mask the text

I was trying to be funny with Hubbie but I really felt the need to blur out certain word…

Played around with some water coloring

Can’t leave out the fluffy horse!

Peeled off all the masking

Attached the “painting” to the notebook cover…and this is the final product :)

What do u think!?

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