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Hey guys, another #giveaway for my Instagram followers! This time, I’m giving away 4 beautiful @nyc_new_york_color polished:

1.Times Square Tangerine Creme
2. Broadway Burgundy Frost
3. Polyester Pink Creme
4. Purple Pizzazz Frost

Here is how to win this week giveaway:

1. Follow me on #Instagram
2. Like this image
3. Tag someone who would like this giveaway

Last week winner is @themisspw. Congrats! Please send me an email (nataliehua99@gmail.com) to let me know your mailing address and I’ll send your prize out to you shortly!

Good luck everyone and have a wonderful week!

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Fashion inspired Spring Flowers Manicure- Video tutorial is here

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Inspired by stiletto nails. Doesn’t this design give you the illusion of having stiletto nails? :-)

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My take on Galaxy nail! This manicure has just won Nail of the Week over at Nail Pornography

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Fashion inspired nail design #1 (coral & black) tutorial

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DIY Scarf hanger

With the move coming up, we went to Ikea 3 times already. We walked around, we bought stuff, we carried stuff, we got pissed off by the people there, we had to come back because what were bought were not in stock…But we kept coming back :-)

Now, this thing, the scarf hanger, I spotted it during one of my rounds in the store :-) and thought I could make one. The time that it takes to make one is worth much much more than the $8 price tag but I can’t help it… Im a DIY-er…I have to DIY :-D

These are the stuff I used: 

- A hanger

- My Stamping up’s Colluzle cutting system

- Can you guess? T-shirt! :-)

- Cardboard

The Colluzle couldn’t cut through the thickness of the cardboard…wah wah 

so used the help of a small kitchen knife. 

I see a ring for the scarf hanger i’m making and a coaster…yay

Keep cutting

Next, I arranged the circles together and the hanger on top

Then, I joined all the circles together using paper tape.

Time to wrap them! I used T-shirt cut out but you can use anything…ribbons, yarns, duck tape (they have the colorful ones and even animal prints, have you seen?)

Watch a TED talk, listen to some podcasts,…wrap the T-shirt scrap round and round

When done…

…attach the circles to the hanger…

…hang scarves


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I’m thankful for my Babushka

I got a call from my grandma in law the other day wishing me luck on my exams, asking me how I was and also making sure I ate :-D. Besides reading my every blog post, she always makes me feel so cared for and loved. I can’t wait to come home and eat her awesome food :-P

I wanna learn Russian. Any suggestion on what program I should use?

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Thank you, my precious!

Hey guys,

it’s late  but I just want to pop in here and share with you this card. Isn’t it fun? I challenge you to find the source of inspiration for it? :-P Anyways, trying to be funny at this time of the night all the sudden seems so hard.

Hope you like the card and wishing you all a good night!

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Another requested card! - Orange butterflies…

Hey everyone,

here is another requested card. The request was “orange colors and butterflies” :-) here come butterfly mommie and her babies…

Cardstock: Black cardstock from We are memory keepers ( I didn’t want to choose black at first but black just make the orange butterflies stand out)

Stamp: The butterfly stamp from the Anna Griffin’s Flora collection. The baby butterflies are created using the same paper and Martha Stuart’s butterfly punch

Paper: Pattern papers from Basic Grey’s Indian Summer collection

I really love the shadow these butterflies catch. It looks like they are floating on top.

The close up shot :-)


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