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Organizing solution/ the DIY dish play along: Up-cycling a cardboard box

Inspired by this episode of the DIY Dish. I made a box to store my sewing related stuff I have laying around. So, I’m showing you step by step how to do it.

So, start with a cardboard box. I used paper tape to reenforce the corners and the base to make sure it’s sturdy enough in case I abuse it with many things. You can see here that I tape all four covers of the box to make a bigger and taller box. More storage space for me :-)

I added some tape around the rim of the box to make sure the edge is nice and smooth. Here is how I do it:

Tape all around

cut the corners like this

fold down

Then, on 2 sides of the box, I marked 2 rectangles and cut it out so I can lift and carry my box.

I covered these holes with tape too just for comfort. This is how I do it.


Next up, the Subway map! Finally! I know I mentioned many times that I would love to use it on many of my projects before. Here it is now.

Using Rubber Cement to glue the map to the box.

Cut off the excess on each side.

I also use more tape on each coner to give the box more of a finish look. Open up the handles and we’re done!

Here are my sewing materials in their new home.

Project on recycling jars is coming up!

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Organizing solution: Up-cycling egg containers

You’ve seen one of these, haven’t you?

I have, and I’ve also tried so hard to shove it into my trash can many times too! But I found some new use for it today. Look!

The kind of egg container that I have opens up into 3 compartments like this. So I cut them out and used them separately.

I used the flat top for my newly inherited vintage threads (more on this soon!)

I can even stack them up because it’s clear so I can see what I have.

for small stuff I have on the counter/nightstand…Now, they can easily be seen and found.

For my nail polish bottles…

The possibilities are endless. I can even put these into a drawer to organize the small, messy stuff laying around in there, eh?

I’m throwing out another egg container. You shouldn’t either. Use them!

Gotta eat more eggs…fast :-)

Happy Sunday!

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