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DIY hand cut paper snowflakes/ paper doilies

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Will show y’all how to hand cut these paper snow flakes this week. Are you in? :-)

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Decorating/Personalizing your little notebook

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Video tutorial here

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DIY thank you card

Hey guys, 

Happy Earth week!

I have a quick and simple DIY card to share with you. A while back, I placed an order on Fab.com and when my order arrived, they included a cute little thank you card. Here it is:

I decided to save it couldn’t throw it away and now that I needed a quick thank you card, I just put one together in a few minutes :-) Here is how:

I colored in the little heart with my red metallic gel pen to add some color.

Trimmed the card to fit in the front of a standard card (4.25 in x 5.5 in)

Rounded the corners using a corner chomper. 

Attached the card to my card base and added my personal touch using my own hand writing and…did you notice…a correction pen :-)

I added even more interest to the card using faux stitching line and a white gel pen.


That’s it. It really took me about 5 minutes. The card looks clean, simple and totally serves its purpose. I even used the enveloped it came in with. I feel great knowing that I just sent out a recycled card…during earth week. Yay!

What are you doing to celebrate Earth week? 

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Still one of my favorit cards to make and very appropriate for Valentine’s day. And here is a tutorial on those flowers.

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DIY rainbow gift wrap

1. Wrap the box in white

2. Pick out construction papers with colors of the rainbow

3. Cut 1/2 inch strips of paper, 2 for each color

4. Line up the colors to resemble the rainbow

5. Do the same to the second set of paper, placing the strips perpendicular to the first set. The the order of the color the same.

6. Start weaving. Over, under, over, under…

7. Pull all strips together tightly. Place a few pieces of clear tapes on top to secure them.

8. Place the white box on top. Wrap the strips of papers around to the back and connect them using small pieces of clear tapes.

9. Bring the second set of paper to the back as well and start weaving again. Use a toothpick to help if it’s getting a little difficult to pull the papers through. 


10. Secure each strip with tape

The finished gift from the back…

…and the front

I went an extra step and did a second layer of gift wrapping just to add some excitement to the gift opening session :)

I placed the small box into a larger box …

..and wrap the larger box in white again

Made a few rosettes with the left over construction papers.

Attached some ribbons on them and placed them on top of the box…

Here is now it looked.

No, that was it. I didn’t put this box into an even larger box.

Here is my grandpa opening the gift :-)

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Awesome wall art idea!

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Happy Birthday Videhi!

Happy Birthday my friend! I’m so glad you’re BD in now and not later when we’re already apart! :-( I will miss you so very much!

You better keep in touch! You know what I will do if you don’t!

Can’t wait for ice cream time with you later! ;-)

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One more week!

I’m thankful that there’s only one more week of school. One more week of Basic Sciences. One more week of Antigua…

One more week until Brooklyn. One more week till back to life in NY. One more week until friends and family…

One more week.

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Playing along with EtsyInspired Challenge!

What can actually keep me calm while studying for big big big Shelf exam? Taking on another challenge that helps me use the other side of my brain!

Check out the 100th EtsyInspired Challenge here

My chosen inspiration:

My very own interpretation:

It’s not a weekend for us medical school students but I hope it’s a real weekend for everyone else! Have a good one :-)

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I’m thankful for the Antiguan Carnival!

I have 2 exams on Wednesday and they’re worth 38% of the whole course. Right now, I’m thankful for the Antiguan Carnival. “What in the world?” you’d ask. But you see, The Antiguan Carnival is a big celebration for the locals here. So our school is closed for 2 days. That gives me 2 extra days to study. Boy, I don’t even want to think about what would happen if I don’t have these 2 days. Anyways…

Hope you enjoy the card. I love the little birdie. It makes me smile.

Have a great week everyone!

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