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Hey guys, another #giveaway for my Instagram followers! This time, I’m giving away 4 beautiful @nyc_new_york_color polished:

1.Times Square Tangerine Creme
2. Broadway Burgundy Frost
3. Polyester Pink Creme
4. Purple Pizzazz Frost

Here is how to win this week giveaway:

1. Follow me on #Instagram
2. Like this image
3. Tag someone who would like this giveaway

Last week winner is @themisspw. Congrats! Please send me an email (nataliehua99@gmail.com) to let me know your mailing address and I’ll send your prize out to you shortly!

Good luck everyone and have a wonderful week!

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Swatch of Sally Hansen Maximum growth polish in “Fair Fawn”

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Swatch of Revlon’s polish in “Effervescent Opal”. A perfect touch of pink for such a clean and elegant look. 

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Hey guys, 
This video was supposed to be up in October (I filmed and edited it a while ago) as this designs was inspired by the Breast cancer awareness month but in between getting hit by hurricane Sandy, loosing electricity and internet, I had to get it up a little late. Instead of waiting until next year, I decided to go ahead with this since I think this design is still simple and easy for you guys to try on many different occasions. Switch to yellow and brown to wear on Thanksgiving, and Maybe burgundy and some type of gold/silver sparkles for New Year! Hope you enjoy watching this and hope that everyone who lives in the areas that’s hit by Sandy is doing fine!

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The adipose tissue manicure - courtesy of Breast Cancer awareness month!

Since adipose tissue is one of the components that make up our breasts. For the sake of raising awareness, maybe we should learn a little something about it and wear it on our nails ;-) My job is to make it fun for you guys so click away on the links I inserted in this post!

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I can’t just not wear Pink on my nails this month :-) October is Breast Cancer Awareness month in case you didn’t know. There’s no reason why I won’t join the force and raise awareness. I hope you’ll enjoy this and the next few posts where i vamp up the pink look. I have to warn you, my geekiness might come out a little ;-)

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Complete manicure using only NYC’s polishes: ‘Starry Silver Glitter’ accented over ‘Polyester Pink cream’ & ‘Fuchsia shock cream’ 

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'Polyester Pink cream' & 'Fuchsia shock cream' by NYC 

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Black Swan nail design tutorial

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Jewelry making: How to make Polymer clay flower bracelet

I have one more project with these flowers…for now :) I still have some left to make more stuff with. Check out my earrings and rings that I made together with this bracelet.

Let’s see…how so I explain to you? I took some wire, double it up, and made a circle by wrapping it around a bottle. Then, bended it back and ford to make some loops. These loops will act like a surface for me to attach the flowers.

Next, I used some butcher’s twine to wrap around my wire structure for a softer look.

Attached the flowers using super glue. Notice the twine was still attaching…

…because I used it to add some glass beads for pop of colors and added interest.


I’m gonna rock this one with some summer dresses for sure! I love how it turned out, do you? So fun, so playful and cute!

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3 year wedding anniversary!

Hi everyone,

Happy Friday! Finally, there’s time for card making :-)

I used this sketch, for the CP62 challenge

…and made this card for a 3 year wedding anniversary of my friends. The theme color is pink, can you tell? :)

Hope you like it!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Happy Birthday Princess Sugar Snatch! :)

Hey guys!

Happy Friday to you!

Here is a card I made for a friend to give to her special friend, Katie. This is one of those projects where I in-cooperate as much as I can about the person who will receive the card.

Can you tell much about the receiver of this card when you see it? Can you tell that she’s a musician? Can you see the piano keys on the small flower? Can you tell that she loves France? and of course pink, black and silver are the colors :-)

For my part, I wanted this card to be girly but also has something fun, and wild in it…something different and unique! You think I pulled it off? I know someone did!

Anyways, hope everyone is having a great weekend. As for me, I have exam on Monday, so the usual…study, study, study…Maybe I can squeeze in some cardmaking, scrapbooking :)

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