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Ace it!

Took this sketch…

…made it my own :-) reminding myself the feelings I got the first time I see this sketch

Here is what came out..pretty close eh? :-)

Super excited about this card!

Will tell you why soon and there’s a how to video of this card coming up! Yay!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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Just saying hello…

Hey guys,

Just popping in to do a quick hello…

sharing with you a cute little 3 x 3 card totally inspired by the cute little 3 x 3 envelopws I made using the template from Vicky. I don’t have any kind of cutting machine so I printed it out and hand cut it…worked like a charm! :-)

I’m thinking about all the cute crazy little 3 x 3 note cards for Valentine’s…awwww

Today was a gloomy, rainy day here in Antigua and I was in school for so long I thought I was gonna rot. Our last class had about 1/3 of the class left. I was proud to be in the batch but there wasn’t much that I got out of the class.I started feeling light headed. My glasses gave me painful marks on the bridge of my nose but taking the glasses off made me wanna throw up…so yea…that wasn’t fun. I came home and wasn’t able to start studying again even after eating. Well, will try again tmr.

Why am I still up sharing a card on Tumblr instead of sleeping, one would ask. Well, there are thousand thought on my mind right now. Most of them are about school, exams coming up next week, bake sale, etc. Making a 5 mins card calms me down. Editing the pictures and writing this post stimulate a different part of my brain, allowing me to think about cute bubbly things like little cutie cards. I’m even thinking about people’s reactions when they open that cute little envelope to see what’s inside.

Anyways…I need…bed…now! :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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Still coughing insanely much! People in class hate me!! I make loud noises every 10 seconds keeping everyone from paying attention to lectures or just hearing anything else besides my annoying cough :-( I am well aware of the fact that I cough like a huge sweaty man with COPD but I can’t help it and I can’t miss any more classes.

Anyways, here is a card I made for another Tuesday trigger at Moxie Fab world. Something different…

Hope you like it!

Tried dry emboss for the first time…it’s fun!

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You are so special to me

Sharing with you another Valentines inspired card! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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My very first scrapbook page

My immune system sucks. I’m sick again! coughing, fever, mucus…all sort of bad stuff! :-(

I started scrapbooking for the very first time a few days ago before getting sick but I couldn’t share because I didn’t have my charger. I have it now so here I am sharing.

The photos for this page were from our engagement in 2008. The inspiration is from the song that we sang together on our wedding day - When I’m 64 by the Beatles. I can have the supplies listed if you are interested. Let me know.

I’m all weak and sleepy! Good night everyone!

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DIY- Ribbon dispenser

Hey everyone,

Just wanna share with you a quick DIY project.

I just emptied one of these

It looks like this from the inside so I thought it would be perfect to make a ribbon dispenser our of it…

I was excited but for a sec, but then I thought I might be the only one who needs this…seriously, I think you can buy a decent ribbon dispenser for nothing from a craft store. Oh well, I’m posting this anyway. Maybe one of my readers our there is also leaving in a place where there is no craft store? :-) The thought of reaching even one person who finds this helpful puts a smile on my face!

Using a craft knife, I cut out the center of each ribbon roll

Pack them in the box

Punch some holes on the lid

Thread the ribbons through and it closes on its own.

My ribbons are now covered, protected. I for sure won’t have to chase after my unrolling ribbon roll that just felt off of my table anymore :-)

Happy Saturday night!

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Happy Friday everyone!

Immuno exam today…bleh :-)

Here is a card I made for MoxieFab World’s Tuesday trigger. Can you tell why I’m excited about this? :-) Yes, it has PURPLE!

January King Cabbage is used as an inspiration here. I love the colors. Nature always has the best color combination on almost everything! I was born and grew up in Vietnam so I don’t think we had King Cabbage there. I remember being fascinated the first time I saw them and was wondering if they were edible :-) Sad thing was, I didn’t think of using them as color inspiration :-( but then again, I wasn’t into card making back then either…

Back ground:

Card stocks:



  • Flowers & leaves: from Anna Griffin’s Flora Collection stampset
  • The flowers were stamped with black Stazon Ink and colored using colored pencils and Gamsol…O.M.G. If you have never tried coloring using color pencils and Gamsol before, please try ASAP. It’s so awesome. I so wanted to film it so I can show you but no camera :-( I will do it as soon as I can. The colored flowers then cut out by hand, it took a little long but I actually enjoy the cutting process :-) Then, I covered them all with Ranger’s Glossy Accents then waited for them to dry. I love the shine on them.

These pictures are taken using my iphone so…yea… Hope you like it!

Have a great weekend!

P/S: If you noticed, I started adding a lot of links to the products that I use so you can check them out. A little more time required for this step but i hope it helps you!

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Thinking of you

So here is the story…

I was working on this card last night, super excited about this color challenge, chose to film the making process of this card too so I can have a how-to video on this one later. Camera showed i was running out of battery. No problem, I’ll charge it and continue. Only then I was running around the apartment looking for my charger. Nowhere in sight. Called my poor hubbie to come and help me look for it too. So now there are two people running around the apartment looking for 1 charger.

OK…uh…ok…trace back. When was the last time I saw it? hm…. Kitchen, hm…plugged in…yea..I’m pretty sure…yea…OK..got it! It was plugged into the power outlet in the kitchen, in NY :-(


I finished the card anyway and borrowed a camera to take these pics…

Cream cardstock as card base

The light yellow color is actually a piece of vellum from Making memories

Background was stamped using Antique Brocade stamp from Hero Arts and Dark Brown chalk ink

Butterfly and sentiment are stamps from Anna Griffin’s Flora Collection. Butterfly was stamped twice and taped together to create 3D affect. Decorated with Diamond Stickle and Silver Liquid pearl.

Hope you like it!

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a snowflake is winter’s butterfly

Hello everyone!

Another challenge is here, Caardvarks Challenge and here is my take on it! :-) Using this beautiful sketch from Becky Fleck, I added a few things to make the card mine. Hope you like it and a how to video for this card will be up soon!

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I have you in my heart

Hi everyone,

I’m back with a card. I’ll submit this card to the color challenge @ Embellish magazine. I’m also working on a video tutorial of how to make this card. Please check back for it. It’s my first card making tutorial so there’s still a lot to work on :-)

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…so i found dickblick.com, not on my own, a great friend of mine recommended it to me and I’m totally hooked. I got some goodies from there and here I am sharing them with you. I can’t wait to use them!

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Hi everyone,

I miss tumblring everyday! :)

Well, just wanna pop back in and tell you a few things:

- My fiance and I had a wonderful celebration for our one year engagement anniversary. We went to this restaurant called Blue Ribbon. The food was really good here are the interesting parts: This restaurant was only a few blocks away from where we actually had our engagement party; We were eating, talking and all a sudden, we looked up at this giant painting behind us, there it was, the Brooklyn Bridge. These coincidences made our celebration even more exciting!

- My search for tuxedos has ended, today! We finally picked out what we like and now I’m moving on to getting all the groom men there as soon as possible!

- We picked up Max’s grandpa and cousin at the airport today. They came for our wedding, of course… 9 days and counting :-)

- ok, here is a card i made last week…The colors were requested and it was for a wedding. Hope you like it!

I’m off to harass the groom men about tux and more importantly, I need to get program cards done! Will of course share with you!

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One year engagement…

Dec 15 last year was one of the most emotional/important/memorable day of our lives- We got engaged…on the Brooklyn Bridge! It was AMAZING!

Yea, yea, yea…the story was told a million times and it’s been a year but…to me, it’s something very personal and intimate so I decided to cherish it!

Without any planning, we happened to just submit our Marriage License application today too :-) It’s actually great because we started to feel that there are way too many days to remember and too many things we want to celebrate about our relationship that we might as well celebrate everyday! :-) So yea, way to combine stuff :-P

This pic was from last year, we were celebrating with Champagne when we got home :-)

Happy Anniversary to my soon to be hubbie!

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The tux hunt yesterday was rather…adventurous! it rained cats and dogs almost the whole day. We drove around in a car but still had to walk. It seems like we got something done but we still don’t know for sure until much later!

Yesterday, I talked about how my card making/scrap booking has to stop since I don’t have any supplies at home…Today, my Heroarts order arrived. My very first Heroarts products. Ugh…I want to use them soooooo much! These stamps are gorgeous. I don’t have any acrylic blocks here :-( oh well.

Today is dedicated to visiting grandparents, aunts and uncles…and cousins. Hopefully I will get to say hello to everyone. Then shop for papers to complete the program cards! yay!

Hope everyone is having a great day!

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