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Stir fried Brussels Sprout with Bacon

Hey guys, 

Cooked some Brussel Sprouts the other day and it turned out awesome so i thought i’d share the recipe with you! This is not my first time making this so i can assure you that the recipe is not crap, plus it’s way too simple to be messed up :-) Let’s start:

1. I cut all my baby cabbages into halves and washed them thoroughly. I put them in a colander but it wasn’t important that they are dried.


2. In a large saute pan, over medium heat, I rendered some bacon. I used 4 stripes of bacon and cut them into smaller pieces about 1.5 in in width. You can use more, or less, just keep in mind that the bacon adds saltiness to the dish.


3. When the bacon pieces turned golden brown, i flipped them to the other side for a few more minutes


4. I got rid of most of the liquid bacon fat and added some minced garlic (I used 3 small gloves). I stirred the garlic around to release fragrance, but also made sure not to burn it! It only took a few seconds. Then I turned the heat on high. We need our pan to be super hot for the stir frying part at this point.

5. I added the Brussels Sprouts to the mix and stirred everything together. I closed the lid for a few mins to make sure the greens are cooked. Watch it closely so you don’t burn the little bacon pieces at the bottom. 

6. This was also the time to season the dish. please keep in mind that everything i used here is not exact, because you are the boss of your stir fried Brussels Sprouts, so adjust to taste :-P. I added: a small pinch of salt, (the bacon was already salty so don’t over do), a pinch of fresh cracked black peppers, a teaspoon of sugar, and about a tea spoon of fish sauce (I love fish sauce but if you don’t have any, you can use oyster sauce or add a little more salt. Not having fish sauce will not kill the dish!)

7. Thats pretty much it! You want to cook the green until slightly soften but not mushy. You also want to look for the beautiful browning around the edges of each halve because it adds so much flavor to the dish! I serve mine over white rice and some Siracha hot sauce on top! (The gif is for your entertainment) 

Hope you like this post and that you’ll give the recipe a try! Let me know how it goes!

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