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We got these adorable Dutch Design Chairs. They’re quite awesome! See me unbox and assemble them in a video here

Dutch design chair website

I bought them here

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Chain Reaction!

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DIY thank you card

Hey guys, 

Happy Earth week!

I have a quick and simple DIY card to share with you. A while back, I placed an order on Fab.com and when my order arrived, they included a cute little thank you card. Here it is:

I decided to save it couldn’t throw it away and now that I needed a quick thank you card, I just put one together in a few minutes :-) Here is how:

I colored in the little heart with my red metallic gel pen to add some color.

Trimmed the card to fit in the front of a standard card (4.25 in x 5.5 in)

Rounded the corners using a corner chomper. 

Attached the card to my card base and added my personal touch using my own hand writing and…did you notice…a correction pen :-)

I added even more interest to the card using faux stitching line and a white gel pen.


That’s it. It really took me about 5 minutes. The card looks clean, simple and totally serves its purpose. I even used the enveloped it came in with. I feel great knowing that I just sent out a recycled card…during earth week. Yay!

What are you doing to celebrate Earth week? 

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Gift tags made from Trader Joe’s shopping bags

How festive are these recyclable shopping bags?  

I cut up these tags and they’re really fun but a little flimsy. So a way to fix it was to paste them on top of some catalog pages. I used Express’s holiday’s catalog. They have beautiful colors.

I love how they have fun colorful pattern in the back and I have a bunch of gift tags to use for practically nothing :)

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DIY storage container from mailing cardboard

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Sewing project: The Striped Straight Sided Triangular Bag

Hello friends, 

Happy Monday to you!

I saved some scrap materials from this T- shirt reconstruction inspired by Prada SS2011 striped dress sewing project (yup, that’s me, can’t really throw away anything…yet) and I saw this project right here so i gave it a try.

What I did was, I took the scraps and forcefully sew them together to create a bigger piece of “fabric”, just enough for the pattern. If you saw my how-to video for the dress, you would know that the strips of scrap are not quite straight, so of course I trimmed as much as I could just so after sewing them together, they’d open up to be a flat piece of “fabric”. Don’t forget to press all your seams open.

I followed the instruction, drew the pattern, cut it out and also cut my pieces to sew. I also used the left over T-shirt from the same project for the lining of the bag. 

The instruction was excellent and this is what I ended up with. I added a little loop of the same “fabric” so I can slip my hand through and it will stay snugged at my wrist leaving my hand free. 

This would be my cute little bag that I would grab to go to the grocery store with just a card, a lip gloss and maybe my sunglasses and that’s it. It’s fun and cute, don’t you think?

I know many of you wanted to try making the Prada dress on your own, if you haven’t started yet, just keep in mind you can make this with your scraps too so don’t throw them away just yet! :-)

There you go my friends, an another functional piece for practically…NOTHING! :-)

Yay to the DIY power!

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DIY Milk Money Wallet _ recycle milk cartons

Saw this project and wanted to finish my milk carton real quick :)

They have step by step instruction and even a video. So I stole the template, printed it out…

cut and taped both sides together, then got to work

15 mins later…

I know it says 1 hour but the whole project really doesn’t take that long.

Now, just a few thoughts:

- The milk carton is not easy to cut…it’s thick! So be really patient and watch out for your scissors. Cut slowly. 

-Score all the score lines really really well before you fold otherwise you’ll crumble the carton instead of making nice creases

- Set your carton standing upside down to empty out all the liquid before cutting into it…[I gotta go change my shirt and wipe my table - ‘nough said]

Did you empty out your milk carton yet?

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